How to Save Money on Electricity And Water Bills

LIFESTYLE  |  September 08, 2017
  • Close the curtains if you’ve turned on the air conditioner
    1 / 7 Close the curtains if you’ve turned on the air conditioner

    If the sun is coming directly through the windows, your air conditioner will be working overtime to cool the house. A simple way to use less power is just to block the sources of sunlight – you can try drawing heavy curtains across windows – but sometimes you need the light. In those cases, try to diminish the light instead.

    Thin drapes are one way to do this, as is the use of two sheets of newspaper (assuming you don’t mind that look). Some people go for a compromise, such as clustering large leafy plants near direct sources of sunlight – this diminishes the light while jazzing up the place a bit. If you want a permanent solution, you can also tint the windows.

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  • Help your air conditioner
    2 / 7 Help your air conditioner

    Do you have one of those traditional Chinese fans? Try this: Turn up the air conditioner by two degrees, then fan yourself for the next five minutes or so.

    By the time you stop, you’ll be feeling nice and cool all the way. A lot of the time, air conditioning doesn’t feel as cool as it should because of poor circulation. If you’ve been a cold country, for example, you may know how nice and tolerable seven degrees celsius can feel… until the wind blows in your face.

    It’s the same deal: Amplify your air conditioning by getting the wind going. In a pinch, you can also use sheets of A4 paper of old magazines as makeshift fans.

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  • Clean your air conditioner’s vents
    3 / 7 Clean your air conditioner’s vents

    The air conditioning vent (the part where the air blows out) gets dirty and clogged very quickly. This can drive up your power bill, since a clogged vent means it takes more energy for your air conditioner to cool the room.

    In the long run, leaving the vent clogged can also damage the air conditioning unit, and ruin the delicate filters inside it. Replacements and a repairman can run up costs high as $300, especially if it’s a central air conditioning unit.

    So avoid being lazy and keep those vents clean. It just takes 15 minutes, a step ladder and some running water to get it done.

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  • Use the thermostat
    4 / 7 Use the thermostat

    thermostat. Think about it: Assuming you sleep for seven hours, that’s around 210 hours of power usage every month. Depending on the power consumption of your air conditioner, that could be a savings of $20 or more a month.

    Setting the timer or thermostat is also better for the environment and saves money in the long run.

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  • Install a water saving kit in your home
    5 / 7 Install a water saving kit in your home

    Even if you don’t care about the environment, you should care about saving water at home because it can cut down your water bill.

    The Singapore government has a Water Efficient Homes programme that provides water saving kits to residents in the form of a thimble. According to PUB, people who have installed the thimble in their homes have cut down on their utility bills by five per cent. This is absolutely free of charge and you can request for one here.

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  • Use alternative versions of electrical appliances
    6 / 7 Use alternative versions of electrical appliances

    It’s convenient to use an electrical kettle to boil water or a dryer after washing your clothes but these appliances use up serious amounts of electricity. The more energy you use at home, the more money SP services will charge you.

    Using a kettle over a stove to boil water instead isn’t going to take that more effort on your part. Neither is hanging your clothes to dry.

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  • Use a credit card to get cash rebates on your bills
    7 / 7 Use a credit card to get cash rebates on your bills

    Some cash rebate credit cards in Singapore reward you with cash rebates when you use them to make payments. You get even more cash back when you create a recurring bill payment option with them.

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