8 Ways to Deal With Annoying Relatives At Chinese New Year Gatherings

by Natalya Molok
LIFESTYLE  |  February 10, 2018
  • Silence the critics
    1 / 8 Silence the critics

    So you have an aunt or uncle whose mission in life is to put a negative spin on everything? Try to distract them when cornered by smartly sidestepping any awkward questions by saying, “It’s Lunar New Year! Lets not talk about negative stuff!”

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  • Distract the worry-warts
    2 / 8 Distract the worry-warts

    There’s always that one relative who is overly worried about your well-being but instead of getting annoyed, realise that they probably do it out of concern, and dont resent them for it. Switch the focus back to that person by offering to help them.

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  • Indulge your elders
    3 / 8 Indulge your elders

    Being smothered and fussed over can be really annoying and awkward, but you cant afford to offend an elder. You could either indulge them for a few minutes and then politely excuse yourself or pretend you have to go to the toilet then never come back.

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  • Play dumb
    4 / 8 Play dumb

    If someone says something extremely rude at a family gathering and you just cant stay silent, look slightly confused and ask, “I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Could you explain that? This way youre not being rude yourself, but theres no way they can explain themselves without seeming like a jerk in front of everyone.

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  • Have some props on hand
    5 / 8 Have some props on hand

    Make sure you always have a glass of water or cup of tea with you. With so many relatives, there may be people you dont know well, and holding something makes you less fidgety around people you dont know. It also gives you an excuse to duck out for a refill if things gets too awkward!

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  • Be cool, calm and collected
    6 / 8 Be cool, calm and collected

    Sometimes the most distant of relatives show up and you realise you haven’t the slightest clue of their names. Instead of panicking, suggest playing a game. If you’re lucky, you’ll overhear their names being called and that’s when how you learn what to call them once and for all.


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  • Give yourself some breathing room
    7 / 8 Give yourself some breathing room

    Don’t feel guilty if you need to have five minutes alone now and then. So many people, so much noise and so much time in a group can be overwhelming. Plus you might be in the middle of a food coma. Excuse yourself for some fresh air and come back cheerful and recharged.

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  • Seek out people you trust
    8 / 8 Seek out people you trust

    Don’t be a grump and bring negativity to the start of the New Year. If something is bothering you, try to keep a smile on your face and maybe seek out a cousin or sibling to talk to if you really can’t hold it in. It’s better to talk it through with someone who cares about you.

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