7 Simple Tips to Get Better Skin

HEALTH  |  August 02, 2017
  • Eat well
    1 / 7 Eat well

    You know the saying, “You are what you eat.” It’s really true. To get clear and healthy skin, try to eat foods that are as natural as possible. If food looks further away from its natural look, avoid it.

    Photo: Wang Tom/123rf.com

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  • Skip the sugary drinks
    2 / 7 Skip the sugary drinks

    It’s a known fact that sugar can cause your skin to break out. The high amount of sugar can really break down the collagen bonds under your skin causing your skin to sag and lose its lustre.

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    Photo: endlesswatts/Pixabay

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  • Drink plenty of water
    3 / 7 Drink plenty of water

    When we say drink plenty of water, we mean it. Our body loses about one to two litres of water a day just from breathing so it’s really quite easy for the body to start feeling dehydrated when you don’t drink enough water. Ironically enough, not drinking enough water can lead to puffy skin and water retention.

    Photo: roegger/Pixabay

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  • Avoid alcohol
    4 / 7 Avoid alcohol

    Have you ever noticed how after a night of drinking, your body feels sorely dehyrated? While drinking a little every once in a while is fine, be sure you load up on water the next day.

    Photo: Photo-Mix/Pixbay

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  • Exercise
    5 / 7 Exercise

    Exercise increases your blood flow throughout the body so cells and organs are constantly nourished. Blood carries oxygen throughout the body and whenever you exercise, your body pushes cell waste away so your skin is rejuvenated.

    Photo: stanvpetersen/Pixabay

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  • Avoid smoking
    6 / 7 Avoid smoking

    While we’re all aware of how much smoking can deteriorate your lungs, heart and brain, not everyone knows just how badly it can affect the skin. Smoking dilates blood vessels and can cause wrinkles to appear on your skin more easily.

    Photo: geralt/Pixabay

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  • Don’t touch your face with your hands
    7 / 7 Don’t touch your face with your hands

    Our hands carry way more bacteria than we actually know so steer clear of touching your face with it throughout the day.

    Photo: martaposemuckel/Pixabay

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