9 Salad Toppings You Should Avoid At All Costs

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  February 27, 2018
  • Processed meat
    1 / 9 Processed meat

    Processed meats like ham, sausage, bacon and even canned meat are complete sodium-bombs that will derail your clean eating streak. Eating these items often can endanger your health as the process of cooking them involves a lot of chemicals. So it’s better to leave them out of your salad order for good!

    Photo: Pixabay / www.pexels.com

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  • Creamy dressings
    2 / 9 Creamy dressings

    Store-bought blue cheese and ranch dressing contain a high amount of sugar, sodium and fat. It’s simply not worth it ruining your clean salad with generous servings of these creamy dressings. Find out how to make equally delicious but healthier homemade dressings here.

    Photo: sharonang / www.pixabay.com

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  • Too Many Starchy Vegetables
    3 / 9 Too Many Starchy Vegetables

    Corn, potatoes and butternut squash can be healthy but make sure not to enjoy all of them at once. These starchy vegetables might overload your carbohydrate limit!

    Photo: Pixabay / www.pexels.com

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  • Fried Meat
    4 / 9 Fried Meat

    Fried chicken never belongs in a salad! The other fresh vegetables in your salad won’t offset the deep-fried breaded meat on your plate. You’re much better off choosing lean cuts or grilled protein options.

    Photo: Meditations / www.pixabay.com

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  • Cheese
    5 / 9 Cheese

    Cheese can be healthy, but only when enjoyed in a limited portion. A salad with crumbled blue cheese, creamy dressing and parmesan cheese most definitely do not make a healthy meal. So avoid putting too much dairy in your salad, as cheese might also give you the dreaded bloat.

    Photo: Monserrat Solis / www.pexels.com

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  • Red meat
    6 / 9 Red meat

    Stick to cleaner and leaner cuts of poultry and seafood. Red meat has a high level of cholesterol that might not be fitting for your clean lunch salad. Aside from its benefits, red meat also has saturated fat so be sure to control how much of it you’re putting into your body. 

    Photo: Malidate Van / www.pexels.com

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  • Tortilla strips or croutons
    7 / 9 Tortilla strips or croutons

    We all love tortilla strips, but these fried goodies are better off enjoyed on cheat days. Skip the croutons as well and get your crunchy fix by choosing other fresh vegetables in your salad bowl.

    Photo: teaale / www.pixabay.com

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  • Fat-free dressing
    8 / 9 Fat-free dressing

    If delicious fat-free dressing sounds too good to be true, you’re right. These dressings often have a host of other preservatives and chemicals in them to overcompensate for the absence of fat.

    Photo: rawpixel.com / www.pexels.com

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  • Refined carbohydrates
    9 / 9 Refined carbohydrates

    Refined carbohydrates such as white rice and pasta are a no-go as their high glycemic index will spike your sugar levels, right before hitting you with that dreaded food coma once you reach the office.

    Photo: Kaboompics //Karolina / pexels.com

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