5 Easy Ways To Sneak More Fibre Into Your Meals

by Janice Sim
FOOD  |  October 04, 2016
  • Have delicious fibre-filled meals with these tips
    1 / 6 Have delicious fibre-filled meals with these tips

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    Fibre is vital mainly because it aids digestion, maintains normal blood sugar levels and keeps us full for longer. Incorporating enough fibre (the recommended daily intake is 25 grams for women) is actually easier than it seems. Besides the obvious foods like bananas and beans, this nutrient is present in foods you might not even think about. Here are some ways you can add more fibre to your everyday meals while still retaining the taste factor!

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  • Add spinach to everything
    2 / 6 Add spinach to everything

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    What’s great about baby spinach is that its mild flavour makes it easy to add to anything. You can get your daily dose of fibre by adding a cup of spinach to salads, soups, smoothies, sandwiches and pasta.

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  • Stock up on chia seeds
    3 / 6 Stock up on chia seeds

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    They might be tasteless seeds but this tiny superfood packs in about 20 per cent worth of soluble fibre, which encourages a healthy digestive system by feeding the good microbes in your gut. Chia seeds also deliver a good crunch. You can choose to mix them into your pancakes, smoothies and juices.

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  • Eat avocado for dessert
    4 / 6 Eat avocado for dessert

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    Avocado lovers should have no doubts about this fruit, which is also perfect as a sweet snack. You can easily add it into cupcake or pudding recipes or even eat it as it is. Half an avocado contains six grams of fibre.


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  • Opt for wholegrain carbs
    5 / 6 Opt for wholegrain carbs

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    Whether you’re having pasta or bread, make it a point to always choose carbs made from wholegrains as they are higher in both protein and fibre.

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  • Replace chips with popcorn
    6 / 6 Replace chips with popcorn

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    Ditch your bag of potato chips for a relatively healthier, yet enjoyable choice – popcorn, which gives you about 12 grams of fibre per cup. A bowl of lightly salted popcorn has fewer calories and saturated fat compared to other savoury snacks.


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