14 Great Snacks For Runners

FOOD  |  October 13, 2016
  • Banana
    1 / 14 Banana

    There’s a reason why bananas are a frequent sight at running events. They are an excellent source of potassium, a mineral that your muscles need to contract properly. Insufficient potassium can lead to muscle cramps. Have a banana 30 minutes before a run, during a run or immediately after. Besides eating it plain, you can slice and add it to cereal or blend into a smoothie.

    1 medium banana: 105kcal

    Photo: grazvydas / 123rf.com

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  • Low-fat chocolate milk
    2 / 14 Low-fat chocolate milk

    You’ll be glad to read this: Low-fat chocolate milk is a good source of protein, carbohydrates, potassium and calcium. Plus, the chocolate flavour makes it way more palatable than the usual sports drinks. Drink it 30 minutes before your run or immediately after to replenish your carbs and potassium stores. The protein helps with muscle repair especially after a long run.

    200ml low-fat chocolate milk: 150kcal

    Photo: garloon / 123rf.com

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  • Yogurt and berries
    3 / 14 Yogurt and berries

    A low-glycaemic index snack, yogurt and berries will give you a sustained energy level, so you can last longer on the track. Berries are high in antioxidants, plus yogurt contains good bacteria to support a healthy digestive tract. What’s not to love?

    150g low-fat yoghurt + 30g berries: 106kcal

    Photo: wiktory / 123rf.com

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  • Energy bars
    4 / 14 Energy bars

    Energy bars are packed with quick-acting carbs for a boost of energy. But they can also be high in calories, so save them for days when you’re planning to push yourself. Best consumed 15 to 30 minutes before or during a run.

    1 energy bar: 250-400kcal

    Photo: Elena Shashkina / 123rf.com

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  • Cereal and milk
    5 / 14 Cereal and milk

    This quintessential breakfast food is a great source of carbohydrates and protein. Cereals are also fortified with B vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron. You can have a big bowl as a meal, or a smaller bowl as a pre-run snack. Cereal with milk will give you a steady flow of energy that will last for at least an hour. Choose whole grains for more fibre and less refined sugar.

    40g cereal + 200ml low-fat milk: 226kcal

    Photo: Joshua Resnick / 123rf.com

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  • Raw oatmeal, low-fat milk, honey and raisins
    6 / 14 Raw oatmeal, low-fat milk, honey and raisins

    An alternative to cereal: Oatmeal cooked with milk and topped with honey and raisins. Another energy booster, this tasty meal is packed with low-glycemic index carbs, iron and protein. Too lazy to prepare in the day? Try this recipe for overnight oats.

    40g raw oatmeal + 200ml low-fat milk + 1 tbsp honey + 1 tbsp raisins: 354kcal

    Photo: Monika Adamczyk / 123rf.com

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  • Peanut butter sandwich
    7 / 14 Peanut butter sandwich

    Peanut butter sandwich contains carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and potassium, the essential nutrients to keep you full and raring to go. Have a serving at least one hour before your run. (Also read: 6 Best Peanut Butters in Singapore)

    2 wholemeal bread slices + 2 tbsp peanut butter: 449kcal

    Photo: Amarita Petcharakul / 123rf.com

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  • Almonds and a sports drink
    8 / 14 Almonds and a sports drink

    You already know that sports drinks are great for replenishing electrolytes and potassium after a run, but almonds? These nuts are rich in protein, which helps in muscle recovery. Have them both for a smart snack combo!

    10 almonds + 500ml sports drink: 205kcal

    Photo: Chiariello Salvatore / 123rf.com

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  • Chickpeas
    9 / 14 Chickpeas

    Can’t get your hands on good-quality protein? Grab some chickpeas. Rich in protein and soluble fibre, chickpeas contain slow-acting carbohydrates. Have them 30 minutes before a run.

    1 cup chickpeas: 269kcal

    Photo: Isabel Poulin / 123rf.com

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  • Chapati with lentils
    10 / 14 Chapati with lentils

    Chapati and lentils are a good combination of carbs, protein and potassium. Have them an hour before a run as it takes about an hour for energy to be released.

    1 chapati + ½ cup lentils: 258kcal

    Photo: ildipapp / 123rf.com

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  • Red bean bun
    11 / 14 Red bean bun

    Craving something sweet? Have a red bean bun: it has sufficient carbs, protein and potassium to fuel you up.

    1 red bean bun: 170kcal

    Photo: Nutthawit Wiangya /123rf.com

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  • Chicken macaroni soup
    12 / 14 Chicken macaroni soup

    Light and easy to digest, chicken macaroni soup helps to refuel your glycogen stores and repair your muscles, as it’s high in carbs, protein and zinc.

    1 bowl chicken macaroni soup: 250kcal

    Photo: Srinrat Wuttichaikitcharoen / 123rf.com

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  • Tamago sushi
    13 / 14 Tamago sushi

    Tamago (egg) sushi lets you load up on carbs and protein without the fat. Have it 30 minutes to an hour before a run.

    4 pieces tamago sushi: 300kcal

    Photo: aoo3771 / 123rf.com

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  • Temaki sushi
    14 / 14 Temaki sushi

    Other types of sushi, like temaki sushi (hand roll) are excellent workout snacks too. Consume 30 minutes to an hour before a run.

    2 hand rolls: 110kcal to 300kcal depending on filling

    Photo: Yasuhiro Amano / 123rf.com

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