What It’s Like To Work Out At Ritual Gym In Singapore

by Estelle Low
FITNESS  |  June 28, 2018
  • Want a solid workout in 20 minutes? It's possible at Ritual gym.
    1 / 11 Want a solid workout in 20 minutes? It's possible at Ritual gym.

    Branding themselves as “the 30-minute gym”, Ritual has earned a reputation for being a fitness studio for fuss-free and efficient workouts.

    No wonder it’s been attracting busy executives who like things chop-chop. Also thanks to its prime location in Raffles Place (11 North Canal Road, tel: 6536-7291), Holland Village (#02-01, 17B Lorong Liput, tel: 6463-4690) and Robinson Road (#03-01, 140 Robinson Road, tel: 6584-9469).

    But bear in mind, quick and fuss-free come at a price. In a swift 20 minutes – the class duration – you’ll be motivated (or made) to go as fast and hard as you can. There’s no room for slacking or throwing in the towel, though you can surely toss your towel on the floor as a sign of exhaustion. And enjoy a 30-second water break.

    Find out just what makes this 30-minute concept possible.

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  • Ritual, the 30-minute gym
    2 / 11 Ritual, the 30-minute gym

    Meant for time-strapped people who say they don’t have time (read: don’t want to make time) to exercise, Ritual squashes those excuses with this promise: Be in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. Now that’s a big deal, considering that the average gym visit takes an hour and a half, after factoring in the time taken to change and shower.

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  • The Concept
    3 / 11 The Concept

    Each class is conducted in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style, where you go at maximum effort with short periods in between to recover or rest. Research has consistently shown that 20 minutes of HIIT is more effective than an hour of steady-paced cardio. When you push yourself harder than usual, your muscles go into overdrive, and you’ll be torching fat for hours post-workout.

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  • The Classes
    4 / 11 The Classes

    What we really like about Ritual: Classes are kept to a max of 10 students, which means lots of personal attention during class. Poor exercise forms will surely be corrected. Modifications will be provided if the moves are too easy or tough. Who doesn’t like that?

    At Ritual, you’ll also have little reason to miss a workout: Classes are held at one- to two-hour intervals, with 10 slots daily. Missed a class? You don’t have to wait long to get into the next one.

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  • The Equipment
    5 / 11 The Equipment

    Ritual workouts are centred around functional exercises, using tools like suspension ropes, dumbbells and kettlebells. First-timers will have to attend a one-on-one introductory session – included in the trial ($59 for a one-week membership) – where you’re introduced to basic HIIT exercises and the equipment used. Everyone exercises in a designated space that’s demarcated by numbers one to 10, so there’s no chance getting kicked or swatted by someone. Very much like having your own office cubicle!

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  • The Workouts
    6 / 11 The Workouts

    Intimidated by HIIT? Don’t be. There are four levels of progression, including one for beginners, so you can be sure of getting a workout that’s right for you. Every class is bound to have students with different fitness backgrounds, from the exercise newbie to the training athlete. This is where the coach comes in to advise which exercises you should do. The unspoken rule at Ritual is this: Do your own thing. There’s no room for competition or comparing yourself with others.

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  • The (Very Thoughtful) Extras
    7 / 11 The (Very Thoughtful) Extras

    Think you can chicken out by saying “I forgot to bring my gear”? Ritual solves that conundrum by providing t-shirts and bottoms so you’ll never need to pack those things. Of course, we’d very much prefer sweating it out in our latest sportswear, but this is one nice backup. Plus, you’ll love this: No shoes are required. Workouts are done barefoot on the shock-absorbent floor. Just remember to bring your high-impact sports bra, to keep your boobs tight during explosive moves like burpees and mountain climbers. The lockers come with combination locks, so there’s no need to bring your own lock.

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  • The Vibes
    8 / 11 The Vibes

    Ritual knows the importance of motivation in a HIIT workout. When you feel like giving up, just peek at the inspirational posters hanging on the walls, like this one: Intensity is relative. Yes, it is.

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  • The Vibes
    9 / 11 The Vibes

    And here’s another poster to pep you up: Five more seconds. With HIIT, time passes by so quickly, you’ll be done before you know it! To cheer yourself, you could also look at other students in class and think about how everyone is feeling the same pain as you do. Misery loves company.

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  • The Shower
    10 / 11 The Shower

    After your workout, pop into the spacious shower cubicle for a quick cleanse. Towel, soap, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer are provided. If you’re set on leaving the gym in 30 minutes, you’ll have to wash up in 10 minutes.

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  • The Food
    11 / 11 The Food

    When you’re starving and starved for time, Ritual takes care of that too. Grab a protein smoothie at the Fuel Bar before leaving. There’s a good variety of flavours, designed to refuel and replenish the nutrients lost during HIIT.

    For more information, visit www.ritualgym.com.

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