Tried-and-Tested: The Best Fat-Burning Classes in Singapore to Get Lean & Toned

by Carissa Wong, Ng Mei Yan & Peh Yi Wen
FITNESS  |  February 08, 2019
  • Burn fat and torch serious calories with these satisfyingly sweaty workout classes.
    1 / 20 Burn fat and torch serious calories with these satisfyingly sweaty workout classes.

    Everyone on the Shape team worked her butt off (literally) to bring you this prized list. We huffed and we puffed, and our limbs were wobbly across the weeks to build this list. Reason: we were determined to suss out the most hard-hitting, high-intensity workout classes that give you the most bang for your weight loss buck. Our criteria were straightforward – the classes should get our hearts racing and our muscles slaving. After all, fat burn only starts to happen at around 70 to 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate. Strength training workouts were also on our radar since building muscle mass helps to increase metabolic rate. Ready to sweat your calories away? Read on now!

    Photo: Uppercut Boxing

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  • Absolute You – Absolute Beats
    2 / 20 Absolute You – Absolute Beats

    Level 2, Peranakan Place (6732-1522)

    This rhythmic cycling session will have you dancing on the stationary bike with shoulder sways and pushups as you vary your pedalling tempo and resistance to the music. After a 15-minute bike introduction for first-timers, you’ll jump straight into 45 minutes of non-stop riding led by chirpy instructors who make this heart-pumping workout seem like a breeze. Towards the end, dumbbells are introduced for some targeted arm-toning before the last burst of speed on the bike. Visit

    Photo: Absolute You

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  • The Yoga Co – Triple Threat Boot Camp
    3 / 20 The Yoga Co – Triple Threat Boot Camp

    723A North Bridge Road

    Don’t be intimidated by this 90-minute bootcamp. It’s more fun than you think, we promise. Combining flexibility, strength, and cardio training with “yoga principles as the foundation”, the class is best for those with some yoga experience. The session kicks off with a light warm-up before moving onto invigorating flow sequences, a round of HIIT and cool-down stretches. The arms and abs conditioning will have even the fittest folks shaking. Visit

    Photo: The Yoga Co

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  • Breathe Pilates – Fat Blast Pilates
    4 / 20 Breathe Pilates – Fat Blast Pilates

    #09-33 Novena Medical Centre (6850-5082)

    If you’re expecting pilates class to be a static session, think again. Conducted on the reformer, this hour-long workout combines strengthening moves with cardio work using an attached trampoline. Prepare for your core and arm muscles to ache the next day. Though this is a level 3 class, the instructions are clear and easy to understand – even if the moves are difficult to master! The teacher maintains a great sense of humour while pushing everyone to do her best. Visit

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    Photo: Breathe Pilates

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  • Platinum Fitness – GetPlatFit HIIT
    5 / 20 Platinum Fitness – GetPlatFit HIIT

    #B1-04/05 OUE Downtown Gallery (8445-5439)

    This 45-minute class takes you through three rounds of HIIT, each set comprising at least three exercises – 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Dynamic bodyweight movements including burpees with tuck jumps and walking planks, guarantee you a full-body workout from start to finish. Equipment like dumbbells and Bosu balls – placed conveniently within reach – are also used for weighted squats and bicep curls with shoulder presses. Classes are kept cosy, so you’ll definitely be given enough attention throughout. Visit

    Photo: Platinum Fitness

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  • Triplefit – Jump In!
    6 / 20 Triplefit – Jump In!

    #02-63 Millenia Walk (6255-5064)

    Skipping ropes might carry fond memories of your childhood, but this 45-minute endurance-based class is no child’s play. What follows a warmup comprising basic bounce jumps to raise your heart rate, is a series of combinations that will seriously test your core strength, coordination and agility. Think double unders, jack crosses, high knees and heel taps. As you sweat up a storm and blast fat week after week, you’ll gradually build a repertoire of fancy footwork you never thought possible. Visit

    Photo: Triplefit

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  • Fitness First – Hardcore Overload HIIT
    7 / 20 Fitness First – Hardcore Overload HIIT

    #08-13 Paragon (6737-7889)

    This 30-minute HIIT style class combines cardio and strength training using barbells, steps, and your own bodyweight. Functional movements – mimicking movements from everyday life – are also on the line-up. While the exercises are easy to pick up, doing them at high speed will send your heart rate to its peak. The workout aims to improve your strength, coordination, balance, and reflexes while burning fats. Visit

    Photo: Fitness First

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  • Uppercut Boxing – Overthrow
    8 / 20 Uppercut Boxing – Overthrow

    Level 2, 155A/157A Telok Ayer Street (6224-1157)

    Endurance meets strength in this 50-minute class. Throwing combinations of jabs, hooks and uppercuts at varying intensities at water-filled boxing bags is just half the workout. You’ll start with light shadow boxing, which allows you to practice your form and get corrected by the instructor before going all out with powerful strong punches. The other half comprises dynamic exercises done AMRAP using your bodyweight and a set of kettlebells, plus some fun pair work either on the bag or off. Visit

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    Photo: Uppercut Boxing

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  • Haus Athletics – Meltdown
    9 / 20 Haus Athletics – Meltdown

    #02-03 OUE Downtown Gallery (6222-0232)

    Held in an immersive dark room with special turf flooring, this 45-minute cardio-based workout done to rhythmic beats begins with speed drills to test your agility and footwork. Explosive plyometric moves like lateral side squat shuffles, mountain climber sliders and high knees with overhead medicine ball holds will put your muscular endurance to the test. But conquer their weekday classes at 7am and 8am and you’ll be rewarded with a delicious complimentary smoothie to fuel the rest of your morning. Visit

    Photo: Haus Athletics

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  • Virgin Active – HEAT
    10 / 20 Virgin Active – HEAT

    #01-09 Duo Galleria (6911-0570)

    This 45-minute “metabolic conditioning” workout is said to burn up to 800 calories. And it certainly feels true. The session challenges your speed, strength, stamina and balance with various equipment and stations including a functional training wall, the good old Bosu ball, Skillmill and Ankorr (a harness for resistance training). Expect to get faster, fitter, leaner and more agile with repeat training. Virgin Active provides everything from T-shirts to towels and toiletries, so all you need to bring is yourself. Visit

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    Photo: Virgin Active

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  • Anytime Fitness – HIIT
    11 / 20 Anytime Fitness – HIIT

    #04-73/74/75 Nex (6555-3400)

    Held fortnightly, this small-group 30-minute class is available to members who sign up for a premium membership. You will wear a heart rate monitor throughout your workout, with your stats displayed on an overhead screen. If you’ve been slacking off on your workouts, it’s going to show! The class features a mix of exercises including burpees, mountain climbers, ball slams and clean and jerks using dumbbells done at 40/20 intervals. The exercises are easy to follow and the mood is lighthearted even as you and your peers grunt your way through the final reps. The class is led by an instructor and assistant who are attentive to everyone’s needs. Visit

    Photo: Anytime Fitness

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  • Pure Fitness – Tabata
    12 / 20 Pure Fitness – Tabata

    Level 8, Ngee Ann City Podium Block (6100-8898)

    This 45-minute HIIT workout is conducted in a circuit format. Each exercise lasts four minutes – you go through eight intervals of 20 seconds at very high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest. Some instructors may take you through a 40/20 interval instead. You can expect exercises such as speed drills, core work and burpees to work the heart and your muscles. While challenging, the class will not be intimidating for newbies with the instructor doing the workout alongside the students. On the off chance that the class doesn’t tire you out enough, you can continue your workout outside the studio using Pure’s top-notch equipment. Visit

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  • Level – Suicide Squad
    13 / 20 Level – Suicide Squad

    14 Robinson Road (6787-9560)

    If you’re keen on exploring weight training, this high-intensity class will be perfect for you. Done in a circuit with no more than 20 seconds of rest in between, exercises incorporate a mix of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and barbells that help build muscle and increase your metabolism so you torch calories even at rest. In this open-concept gym, you’ll definitely feel a pump of motivation as you power through your reps with other fitness junkies in plain sight. Visit

    Photo: Level

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  • True Fitness – Bodypump
    14 / 20 True Fitness – Bodypump

    #03-45/46 Velocity@Novena Square (6255-9555)

    This fast-paced barbell class will rev up your fat burn thanks to its high rep count. Choreographed to four music tracks that are rotated regularly, the routine is targeted at all your major muscle groups through weighted squats, lunges, shoulder presses, bicep curls bench presses. The final segment of the class is an equally intense core workout, before you end off with a nice stretch out. Expect to ache all over if you’re new to weight lifting. Visit

    Photo: True Fitness

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  • Beat X Studio – Hybrid Rebounding Level 1
    15 / 20 Beat X Studio – Hybrid Rebounding Level 1

    #06-03 Plus (6535-3572)

    This signature workout at Beat X is equal parts fun and brutal – you will probably walk out of the fast-paced class with wobbly legs and arms. Half the workout is done on the rebounder and the other half on the ground. Your heart will race in no time while bouncing to the amped-up tunes of Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga. Weights are incorporated as well to work the arms and shoulders. This bootcamp-style class also includes moves like planks, jump squats (made harder by the rebounder) and Russian twists to tone every part of your body. Visit

    Photo: Beat X Studio

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  • Real Yoga – Hot Slimming Therapy
    16 / 20 Real Yoga – Hot Slimming Therapy

    #01-14/15 Tampines Grande

    This is no conventional, holistic yoga class; instead, expect a full-on physical practice that will push you to your limits. The 60-minute workout works your muscles from head to toe – the added heat makes your heart pump harder and ensures that you sweat buckets before half the class is up. The fast-paced workout includes vinyasas, plank variations, push-ups, leg lifts, squats, arm exercises and more. This is a popular lunchtime class so you are encouraged to book your session in advance. Visit

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    Photo: Real Yoga

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  • Freedom Yoga – Freedom Blaze
    17 / 20 Freedom Yoga – Freedom Blaze

    #12-01 Heng Da Building (6222-6096)

    Yoga meets HIIT as the instructor takes you through 40/20 intervals of flow sequences, lunges, crunches and more for almost a whole hour. Between explosive movements, you can expect static strength conditioning exercises or yoga stretches for you to catch your breath. The encouraging instructor and infectious music will help you get through the tough workout with a smile on your face. Visit

    Photo: Freedom Yoga

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  • Skyline Aqua – Floatfit HIIT
    18 / 20 Skyline Aqua – Floatfit HIIT

    Parkroyal on Beach Road

    Conventional HIIT is tough enough, but this on-water variation of the workout takes it to the next level. There’s no graceful way to get through the 30-minute Floatfit HIIT, as you try to balance yourself on the shaky aquabase while executing squats, planks, mountain climbers and other movements. You and your mates may well fall into the water a couple of times, but this is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Instead, the fumbling and tumbling help lighten up the mood of this seriously challenging workout. Visit www.

    Photo: Skyline Aqua

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  • Higher Ground Fitness – Hybrid Training
    19 / 20 Higher Ground Fitness – Hybrid Training

    695C East Coast Road (6445-0156)

    Just a handful of studios offer the highly effective Power Plate, and Higher Ground Fitness is one of them. The vibration is an added challenge to your workout as it engages your muscles more and works on your balance. The 40-minute circuit training also includes the use of kettlebells, TRX straps, and Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning (ViPR) weights. You will work all your muscle groups to improve agility, coordination, and endurance. The session ends off with a satisfying stretch on the Power Plate. Visit

    Photo: Higher Ground Fitness

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  • Evolve MMA – Warrior Fit
    20 / 20 Evolve MMA – Warrior Fit

    #01-01 Far East Square (6536-4525)

    Want to train like a professional fighter? Then this class is for you. Based on the strength and conditioning programmes of these athletes, the hour-long non-contact circuit workout is meant to be safe, fun and supportive. After warm-up exercises, you’ll work with weights and the TRX suspension system with a partner who can help spur you on. Movements from various martial arts disciplines are also incorporated – a unique feature not found in other classes. Visit

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    Photo: Evolve MMA Facebook

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