Follow These 6 Simple Eating Habits To Lose Weight At Last

by Jillian See
WEIGHT LOSS  |  June 12, 2018
  • Having trouble losing weight? Try making these small changes to your diet
    1 / 7 Having trouble losing weight? Try making these small changes to your diet

    It can be frustrating when you have been doing your best to eat healthy, but aren’t seeing the desired results. Losing weight is actually a very intricate process that requires you to make specific tweaks to your lifestyle, particularly your diet.

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    Focus on these six eating habits – you’ll see your weight go down, and more importantly, feel happier and so much more energised.

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  • Keep a water bottle at your desk
    2 / 7 Keep a water bottle at your desk

    The hours you spend typing away at your desk is the time when it becomes super hard to curb food cravings. Taking sips of water can counter these odd-hour cravings. Sitting in an air-conditioned room all day can also dry your throat and make you more tempted to grab a soft drink or sweet to soothe the dryness. So stay hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water every day. 

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  • Halve your sugar intake
    3 / 7 Halve your sugar intake

    The next time you decide to put sugar in your cuppa, make the effort to halve the amount of sweetener. Many studies such as those by the National Institute of Health have proven that a diet with excessive sugar consumption is directly linked to numerous health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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    When you consume more sugar than you need, it gets stored as fat in your body, leading to weight gain. Instead of avoiding sweetened drinks altogether, choose reduced-sugar and less-sugar beverages. 

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  • Swop sweetened drinks for fruit-infused water
    4 / 7 Swop sweetened drinks for fruit-infused water

    Instead of reaching out for a sweet drink when you’re restless, prepare a bottle of naturally-flavoured water for a refreshing pick-me-up anytime. A cup of your favourite bubble tea has 52.6g of sugar – that’s more than 10 teaspoons of sugar at one go. Add sliced fruits to your water – it becomes more fun to drink.

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  • Stop overeating
    5 / 7 Stop overeating

    Don’t stuff yourself to the point of discomfort – it’s just as bad for digestion as it is for your waistline. Overeating makes your stomach work doubly hard to digest the food, giving you less energy to focus on your work – and that’s when food coma sets in. One way to avoid overeating: take your time to chew. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants who chewed their food 40 times ingested 11.9 per cent less compared to participants who chewed 15 times. So, slow down and savour your food.

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  • Make sure your plate has variety
    6 / 7 Make sure your plate has variety

    A balanced diet is important in making sure that your body functions properly. A balanced meal typically consists a portion of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. To get your portions right, fill half your plate with fruit and vegetables, a quarter with grains and the remaining quarter with protein and dairy.

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  • Load up on healthy food
    7 / 7 Load up on healthy food

    To prevent unnecessary temptations, stock your kitchen with healthy snacks for those days you are feeling peckish. If you tend to crave for something savoury, try having peanut butter on rice crackers as a snack. Peanut butter is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that will keep you feeling satiated. Rice cracker is low in calories and gives the snack a satisfying crunch.

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    If you have a sweet tooth, stash overripe bananas in your freezer and make your own banana “ice cream”. Blend two bananas until a smooth and thick consistency is reached. Sprinkle your banana “ice cream” with healthy toppings like cacao nibs and chopped fresh fruits.

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