You Can Think Yourself Slim. Here’s How.

by Yuen Yi Ying
WEIGHT LOSS  |  December 06, 2018
  • Give your weight loss efforts a boost by training your mental muscle
    1 / 8 Give your weight loss efforts a boost by training your mental muscle

    Working on your diet and exercising are just two things that help you get a slim figure, but did you know you can also use your mind to lose weight? If your weight loss efforts need a boost, the following mental strategies to think yourself slim may be just what you need. 

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  • Remember your motivation
    2 / 8 Remember your motivation

    Losing weight is not going to happen overnight, or even in a few weeks, so be sure to identify your motivation for losing weight and hold on firmly to that thought! If you ever feel like giving up, recall your reasons for losing weight, and imagine how you’d feel once you’ve reached your goal. That will give you extra incentive to keep going.

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  • Stop banning foods
    3 / 8 Stop banning foods

    You know how it is, the more something seems unattainable, the more you want it, and when you do get it, there’s a risk of over-indulging. There’s no harm in an occasional treat, but if you don’t view these items as forbidden foods in the first place, you might not even want to eat them at all. 

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  • Imagine eating the food
    4 / 8 Imagine eating the food

    If you can’t stop devouring your favourite snack, try limiting your intake by imagining eating the food before you actually start eating it. According to a study published in Science, this visualisation exercise can help curb your craving, so you don’t actually have to eat too many before feeling satisfied.

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  • Have a plan
    5 / 8 Have a plan

    As the adage goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, so come up with a weight loss plan for yourself, possibly with the help of an expert. Work out how many calories you need in a day, how many meals or snacks you’re allowed, and what exercise regime you’ll need to get on.

    After that, frequently review the plan through the day to see if your actions are in line with what you have set out. Was that cookie factored into your daily calories? Are you supposed to be working out today instead of catching a movie? Keeping yourself accountable will help you stay on track. 

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  • Focus while you eat
    6 / 8 Focus while you eat

    Your senses play a large part in how much you enjoy your food and how satisfied you feel afterwards, so put aside your phone and computer, don’t turn on the tv, and just pay attention to your food. Chew slowly, taste the ingredients, and smell your food. It’ll help you feel fuller after your meal.

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  • Don’t compare yourself
    7 / 8 Don’t compare yourself

    Ever feel bad about your figure after seeing one of those models on Instagram? Don’t give up hope and start binging, which will only make you feel worse and take you further from your goal. If you can’t help feeling envious, you may want to consider unfollowing these personalities for the time being.

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  • Quit thinking you’re fat
    8 / 8 Quit thinking you’re fat

    Normal weight people who keep thinking they’re fat may indeed end up overweight in the long run, shares a study published in the Journal of Obesity. To avoid this self-fulfilling prophecy, you may want to check your Body Mass Index and speak to a dietitian or doctor to see if you’re at a healthy weight. As mentioned, those ladies on social media should not be your benchmark.

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