Use These Portion Sizes to Keep Your Favourite Snacks Low in Calories

by Claudia Tan
WEIGHT LOSS  |  May 10, 2018
  • You don’t always have to be fighting the cravings, here’s how to snack in moderation
    1 / 10 You don’t always have to be fighting the cravings, here’s how to snack in moderation

    While there are plenty of healthy and low-calorie snacks out there, we understand the urge to indulge. As long as you eat them in moderation and practise portion control, enjoying some ice cream or chips can be a great way to maintain energy levels and prevent bingeing. That’s why we have done the math to help you keep the occasional indulgence well below 200 calories. If you are a frequent snacker, consider these 10 healthy snacks you can get from the supermarket


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  • Medium-sized chocolate chip cookie (3cm diameter)
    2 / 10 Medium-sized chocolate chip cookie (3cm diameter)

    Portion: 4 pieces

    Calories: 146

    Tip: Try baking your own cookies so you can control the amount of sugar added.


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  • Dark chocolate (75 per cent)
    3 / 10 Dark chocolate (75 per cent)

    Portion: 2 squares

    Calories: 106

    Tip: Avoid purchasing an entire bar of chocolate if it’s hard to resist the temptation. Opt for small, singleserving bars instead.

    (Also read: 6 Ways To Add Dark Chocolate Into Your Diet)


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  • Chocolate cake
    4 / 10 Chocolate cake

    Portion: Half a slice

    Calories: 118

    Tip: Rich cakes often get too overwhelming at the end. Share with a friend to enjoy it more (and split the calories).

    (Also read: Life Hack: Make A Chocolate Cake With Just 3 Ingredients)


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  • Plain frozen yogurt
    5 / 10 Plain frozen yogurt

    Portion: Half a cup

    Calories: 110

    Tip: Skip the sauce and top with fresh fruits or nuts instead.

    (Also read: Is Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) Healthy?)


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  • Gummy bears
    6 / 10 Gummy bears

    Portion: 10 gummies

    Calories: 87

    Tip: Buy smaller packets to make portion control easier.



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  • Potato chips
    7 / 10 Potato chips

    Portion: 15 chips

    Calories: 148

    Tip: Choose the original flavour or lightly salted ones to keep your sodium intake in check.

    (Also read: 8 Potato Chip Alternatives To Satisfy Your Cravings)



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  • Ice cream (vanilla)
    8 / 10 Ice cream (vanilla)

    Portion: 1 scoop or half a cup (half a tennis ball)

    Calories: 137

    Tip: Opt for low-fat options and flavours that do not contain too many artificial colourings or toppings. Here are the tastiest low-fat ice creams in Singapore


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  • Digestive biscuits
    9 / 10 Digestive biscuits

    Portion: 2 biscuits

    Calories: 146

    Tip: Digestives are a great choice as they have a high fibre content that helps you feel full for longer and to keep you from snacking more. But watch your intake: One biscuit contains a substantial 73 calories.



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  • Almonds
    10 / 10 Almonds

    Portion: 20 almonds

    Calories: 139

    Tip: One serving of 20 almonds can be quickly measured using a shot glass. Or if you’re snacking in the office, a 7cm by 7cm sticky note. Besides almonds, check out these other nuts you can snack on without worrying about your waistline.


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