9 Ways To Control Your Diet On The Weekends

by Divyata Raut
WEIGHT LOSS  |  October 03, 2017
  • Celebrating weekends
    1 / 10 Celebrating weekends

    Weekends are often days where we let go of our clean eating schedules after being so meticulous for 5 entire days. It’s more tempting to indulge in the presence of our family and friends but this can turn your cheat meal into cheat days. Don’t let Friday dinners, Saturday brunches and Sunday lunches ruin your diet. Click through to see how to stay in control of your diet throughout the week. 

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  • Don't be too strict on weekdays
    2 / 10 Don't be too strict on weekdays

    Yes, you can have that slice of cheesecake with your Wednesday afternoon coffee. Losing control of your diet on weekends is usually because you have restricted yourself too much during the weekdays. Instead of having hard and fast, strict diet rules, why not practice a bit of portion control? That way you keep your cravings monster at bay and still stay within your daily calorie limit!

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  • Set a cut off time
    3 / 10 Set a cut off time

    The later part of the day is when people tend to indulge the most. Instead of letting your mood take control of your diet, set a strict cut-off time after your dinner at either 7 or 8 pm. A study by the University of Pennsylvania found out through a two-week experiment that participants who ate dinner later at night gained weight. Participants who ate between 8 am to 7 pm, however, felt more satiated for longer.

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  • Reward yourself in other ways
    4 / 10 Reward yourself in other ways

    Instead of celebrating your joy with unhealthy food items, reward yourself in other ways. Plan a healthy picnic with your friends, go for a therapeutic spa or go get yourself that new dress you’ve been eyeing! Feeding off empty calories found in junk food fail to energise you or keep your full for long, causing you to reach out for more snacks throughout the entire day. 

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  • Go for healthy substitutes
    5 / 10 Go for healthy substitutes

    If you’re craving for fries, don’t visit the nearest McDonald’s just yet. Baking some sweet potato fries at home tastes just as good, dare I say- even better than deep-fried fries! Or, make a healthy homemade pizza and you get to control the amount of cheese and oil that goes on it. Choose wholesome toppings such as rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and grilled chicken. 

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  • Share it with someone else
    6 / 10 Share it with someone else

    If your favourite dessert comes in at 500 calories, sharing it with someone else cuts that insane number in half. That way you get to enjoy the food you want at way lesser calories!

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  • Don’t lounge around cafes
    7 / 10 Don’t lounge around cafes

    Once you’re done with brunch, avoid remaining seated even after your plates have been cleared. Being with a group of friends on an empty table might cause you to order more plates, hence making you overindulge. So after your lovely plate of eggs benedict, make it a point to get a small cup of coffee to-go and walk around town with your friends.

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  • Take a nap
    8 / 10 Take a nap

    Running around due to hectic work schedules on the weekdays makes us feel extra tired on the weekends. That means it won’t be long before you reach out for high-caloric snacks to lift your mood and reverse your lethargy. Instead, energise your body naturally by taking a nap. If your body is well rested, you won’t be eating as much as you would in a tired mood!

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  • Wear tighter clothes
    9 / 10 Wear tighter clothes

    This weekend, pick a tighter pair of pants or slip on a figure-fitting dress. It makes you feel conscious about how much you’re putting into your body. Going to cafes in sweats means that we lose the inhibition to watch what we eat. Instead, we eat to our heart’s content because our stomach, in those elastic waisted pants, will always be willing.

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  • Whip up a healthy feast
    10 / 10 Whip up a healthy feast

    Stay at home and make some comfort food! It’s as easy as putting a pot to chicken stew to boil before serving it with some steamed rice. Season your stew with natural ingredients like spices and sweet potatoes for a sumptuous stew that will satiate your mind, body and soul.

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