5 Tips To Get Rid Of Stubborn Cellulite

WEIGHT LOSS  |  January 24, 2017
  • 2. Get toned
    1 / 5 2. Get toned

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    This is when you can make your previous cardio efforts worthwhile – now that you have lost a significant amount of fat in your body, tone your muscles with strengh-training exercises that target problem areas like your thighs and butt. Doing so can smooth out any existing cellulite.

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  • 1. Power up with cardio
    2 / 5 1. Power up with cardio

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    When you’re faced with stubborn fat like cellulite, your best bet would first be intense sessions of cardio workouts. The purpose of cardio is to actually reduce the amount of existing fat in your body and not to wipe out cellulite on your body. Try running, cycling and even hiking to prep your body for the next step.



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  • 3. Commit to a healthy diet
    3 / 5 3. Commit to a healthy diet

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    Along with disciplined workout routines, you will also need to watch what you eat to ensure that your happy weight remains. Remember that the lesser the amount of fat that you have on your body means having lesser cellulite. Your diet should include lean protein, whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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  • 4. Stay hydrated at all times
    4 / 5 4. Stay hydrated at all times

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    Drinking enough water on a daily basis isn’t just beneficial for our health but also for our skin. By staying hydrated, the texture and state of your skin improves as it constantly releases excess fluid your body may be holding on to. This includes the cellulite you have on your body.

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  • 5. Enhance your efforts with massages
    5 / 5 5. Enhance your efforts with massages

    Photo: Mariolh/pixabay.com

    Indeed, going for frequent deep tissue massages can be an additional solution to combat cellulite as it can drain out bloated lumph nodes, helping your skin look smoother. However as much as we wish to take the easy way out, goiing for massages alone will not rid your body entirely of cellulite, but can be turned to for a faster result, accompanied with your existing workout routines.


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