5 Daily Habits That Help Detoxify Your Body

WEIGHT LOSS  |  December 06, 2017
  • Healthy habits
    1 / 6 Healthy habits

    If you’ve stopped working out and are eating unhealthily, don’t worry. Things will get better once you start incorporating these habits into your lifestyle. Scroll through the gallery to find out what they are.

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  • Get more sleep
    2 / 6 Get more sleep

    We all know sleep is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get at least eight hours of shut-eye every night.

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  • Drink water before bed and when you wake up
    3 / 6 Drink water before bed and when you wake up

    When we are sleeping, the body gets dehydrated. That’s why it’s crucial to drink a big glass of water before you sleep and right after you wake up. Of course, water should be an essential part of your diet throughout the day.

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  • Take plenty of stretch breaks
    4 / 6 Take plenty of stretch breaks

    If you work in an office, the likelihood of you spending most of the day sitting is high. Be sure to get up every hour or so, and take a minute or two to stretch and walk around the office. You’ll feel more energised after doing so.

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  • Skip the drinks that will make you bloat
    5 / 6 Skip the drinks that will make you bloat

    Instead of reached for canned drinks, infuse your water with fresh lemon or brew a pot of peppermint tea. Add a dash of cayenne powder for some extra kick – it’ll help you burn some calories too.

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  • Don’t deprive yourself
    6 / 6 Don’t deprive yourself

    Cutting yourself off from your comfort foods completely will only increase cravings. Allow yourself the luxury of eating your favourite foods in moderation. The key to cleansing our bodies is about being mindful of what we eat and making sure we have a balanced diet overall.

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