18 Easy Ways To Lower Your Daily Calorie Intake

by Divyata Raut
WEIGHT LOSS  |  September 05, 2017
  • Recommended calorie intake
    1 / 19 Recommended calorie intake

    Women are recommended to eat around 1800-2000 calories per day. These numbers are dependent on your height, weight and activity level.

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  • Smoothie for breakfast
    2 / 19 Smoothie for breakfast

    Take a mix of your favourite fruits or vegetables and toss them in a blender to prepare a quick breakfast within a minute. Pick fibrous fruits such green apples or celery as the base and add on yummy oranges or strawberries for a dose of Vitamin C in the mornings. This 150 calorie smoothie is so refreshing and will keep you full for a long time!

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  • No sugar
    3 / 19 No sugar

    Cut up to 100 calories per day by switching to black tea! If black tea doesn’t entice you, discover other forms of tea such as white, gold or even red tea! If black coffee is too bitter for you, add a splash of milk but hold the sugar. These simple switches will save you some calories each day and you’ll be able to see the difference in a few days. 

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  • Steam meat and vegetables
    4 / 19 Steam meat and vegetables

    Steaming your favourite fish or meats is much easier than pan frying it. All you have to do is toss it in a pot of hot water, in addition to healthy seasonings such as garlic, salt and ginger. Drizzle some lemon on top of your steamed meat before you dig into the soft and juicy meat. Increase the quality of your food to increase the quality of your health. Do the same with your vegetables!

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  • Strictly no more late night snacks
    5 / 19 Strictly no more late night snacks

    Decrease the tendency to overeat at night by giving yourself a strict time cut off time to stop eating. Keep the kitchen closed at 8 pm, after your dinner and only break your fast the next morning during breakfast.

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  • No more packaged snacks
    6 / 19 No more packaged snacks

    Having junk foods at home will only spur you to reach out to grab them because they are so accessible. Instead, stop making rounds to the snacks aisle at supermarkets. That’s right- no more buying back Nutella or Doritos!

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  • Use cinnamon as a sweetener
    7 / 19 Use cinnamon as a sweetener

    Sugar is a terrible substance that only increases our cravings for even more sugar and carbs! So put a stop to your refined sugar intake by finding alternatives. Cinnamon, for example, is a fragrant and flavorful herb that enhances the taste of cooked rolled oats. Boil a piece of cinnamon in the milk you’re cooking your oats in for a well-rounded infused taste of cinnamon in every bite of oats. You definitely don’t need sugar with that- it’ll just overpower the wonderful taste of cinnamon.

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  • Fill your plate up with vegetables first
    8 / 19 Fill your plate up with vegetables first

    Whether you’re serving yourself dinner at home or at a buffet, fill half your plate with vegetables. These include either fresh, steamed or stir-fried vegetables. Low in calories and high in nutrients, filling your stomach up with vegetables first will drastically reduce the number of calories ingested. 

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  • Be wary of what you put in your salad
    9 / 19 Be wary of what you put in your salad

    Frequenting salad shops is definitely healthy but just like every other eatery, you have to be very careful of what you put in your salad bowl. Salads usually have a generous serving of protein while you get to decide your other toppings. Be careful not to overdose on protein in your bowl by picking all your extras as chickpeas, kidney beans, tofu and egg. These can quickly add up on calories! So be wise with your choices and be sure to get a good balance of protein and vegetables in your salad.

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  • Never say yes to whipped cream
    10 / 19 Never say yes to whipped cream

    Coffee chains such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean are aplenty in Singapore. So if you have to get your caffeine fix from one of these places, never, ever, say yes to the whip. Whipped cream adds an additional 120 calories to your drink. Instead, here are some drinks from Starbucks that are all below 200 calories!

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  • Share your dessert
    11 / 19 Share your dessert

    Whenever you order dessert with a friends or family, ask someone else to share it with you! That way, you get to have the yummy treat you love at just half the amount of calories.

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  • Ask for less rice
    12 / 19 Ask for less rice

    Popular hawker foods such as chicken rice and economy rice typically tally to about 500-600 calories. Reduce that number simply by asking for less rice.

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  • Avoid sauces
    13 / 19 Avoid sauces

    Refrain from getting sauce on your rice at mixed vegetable rice stalls as the meat and vegetables you’ve chosen already have an ample amount of sauces. In sandwiches, try to find healthy alternatives to creamy sauces by replacing mayonnaise with avocado mash. Also, the next time you’re at Subway, ask for salt and pepper instead of your go-to sauce. Your sandwich will still taste so good!

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  • Drink water before your meals
    14 / 19 Drink water before your meals

    Drinking a glass of water before your meals will fill your stomach up before you begin eating. This has been proven by various studies as a great way to eat lesser calories during your meal.

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  • Cook your own meals
    15 / 19 Cook your own meals

    Okay, this isn’t exactly an easy tip. But cooking your own meals instead of eating out is truly the best way to drastically lower the number of calories, sodium and sugars that food bought from outside has. Prepping your lunch meals can be made easy with easy, wholesome and nutritious options such as pairing steamed fish with some salad. 

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  • Make healthy swaps
    16 / 19 Make healthy swaps

    Swap your instant oats out for rolled oats. Instead of having sugar in your coffee, add some honey instead. Or, make an open faced sandwich (using only one bread instead of two) and load it with plenty of vegetables and a yummy protein of your choice. Also, make chicken wraps with romaine lettuce instead of a tortilla wrap.

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  • Never order a 'Large'
    17 / 19 Never order a 'Large'

    The ‘Large’ size of any food or beverage will definitely contain much more calories than you need. Always opt for the ‘Regular’ sized item instead. Be sure to compare the portion size of the ‘Small’ and ‘Regular’ items and as some places tend to be generous with their servings, so ordering a ‘Small’ will be enough to satiate you.

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  • Make your dips healthier
    18 / 19 Make your dips healthier

    Instead of having oily and cheesy dips, cut up some fresh salsa at home as a nutritious, juicy and delightful dip. Or, mix some finely diced cucumber in yoghurt for a creamy and finger-licking dip. These oil and cheese free dips are low in calories but deliver the same great taste! 

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  • Tomato instead of cream based
    19 / 19 Tomato instead of cream based

    We put an end to the tomato versus cream-based debate. Always go for the tomato based pasta or soup. It contains much fewer calories and fat than the oil-slicked cream based versions.

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