10 Ways To Avoid Overeating During PMS

by Divyata Raut
WEIGHT LOSS  |  August 01, 2017
  • Count your calories
    1 / 10 Count your calories

    Binging on your favourite foods always leads to a cycle of guilt and despair that could last a few days. For instance, a 55kg woman in her mid-30s, who works in a sedentary job, only needs about 1,500 calories a day. Exceeding that about over the course of a week might cause weight gain, that could possibly lead to even more guilt – and even more binging. Instead, simply by being conscious of exactly how much you’re eating can help. Use a calorie-counting app and record what you’re eating throughout the day so you are fully aware of how much energy and food your body is taking in.

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  • Eat more complex carbohydrates
    2 / 10 Eat more complex carbohydrates

    Other than brown carbohydrates, complex carbs also include beans and lentils. Pack your plate with brown bread, rice or quinoa before filling it up with vegetables and your favourite meat. It doesn’t have to be boring. A whole grain tortilla wrap with shredded chicken, beans and fresh salsa with a squeeze of fresh lemon will tantalise your taste buds. Yum!

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  • Don’t buy unhealthy snacks
    3 / 10 Don’t buy unhealthy snacks

    Break the cycle of stocking your kitchen shelf with chips, cookies and chocolates before your monthly flow. It only increases the likelihood of devouring these high caloric food bombs uncontrollably to appease your emotions. Remember, you don’t need junk food that will only end up wrecking your health and body. Stock up on these delicious and healthy snacks instead.

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  • Meditation and yoga
    4 / 10 Meditation and yoga

    Avoid being stressed and unhappy before your period by meditating and going through calming yoga flows. Stretching your muscles will loosen up muscles and instantly relax your body. This warrants off moody bouts of unhappiness followed by giving up and heading to fast food restaurants. Yoga and meditation is a powerful mix that increases mindfulness that will prompt you to think about your personal well-being before putting yet another soggy French fry in your mouth.

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  • Get eight hours of sleep
    5 / 10 Get eight hours of sleep

    Imagine the turmoil your body goes through when you’re running low on energy in addition to your mood swings. More often than not, it eventually leads to stomach-upsetting sessions of binge eating. So make sure to get adequate sleep in order to feel well-rested! Plus, sleeping early will prevent you from raiding the fridge late at night.

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  • Exercise
    6 / 10 Exercise

    Next time you have a pre-menstrual craving, try walking away from it. A simple 10-minute walk could make you forget your irrational cravings! The best exercises to do before your period are walking, jogging, or cycling. These ought to get your heart rate pumping and increase serotonin levels, a mood boosting chemical. Additionally, all that sweating will get rid of the excess water and decrease the bloating.

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  • Avoid refined sugar
    7 / 10 Avoid refined sugar

    Refined sugar found in pastries, cakes, candies and cookies increase your insulin secretion to lower your blood sugar. This increase in insulin will eventually lead to cravings for carbs. Well, no thanks! Instead sweeten up a rich and delicious smoothie with natural sugar from honey, berries, bananas or mangoes.

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  • Eat fatty foods
    8 / 10 Eat fatty foods

    We’re talking about fish, nuts and avocado. These foods are rich in healthy fats that are good for heart health and wholesome enough to satiate your hunger. The naturally occurring fats stabilise blood sugar, hence stopping your cravings in their tracks.

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  • Eat six small meals a day
    9 / 10 Eat six small meals a day

    Increase the frequency of your meals to keep your metabolism revved up. This also increases serotonin levels while stabilising your blood sugar level that ought to decrease your cravings. Plus, it also helps with weight loss!

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  • Avoid caffeine
    10 / 10 Avoid caffeine

    Restrict caffeine from your diet because it will heighten your irritability, making you more stressed. According to the American Association of Family Physicians, limiting your caffeine intake will also prevent breast soreness.

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