10 Best Weight Loss Tips For Women

WEIGHT LOSS  |  September 16, 2016
  • 1. Work Out – Lots!
    1 / 10 1. Work Out – Lots!

    Looking sculpted takes commitment. Fancy looking like Jennifer Aniston? She works out at least five or six days a week. Her routine consists of 40 minutes of cardio, which includes spinning, running and elliptical machine, or a combo of all three. She also squeezes in pilates once a week and yoga three days a day. Phew!

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  • 2. Train With Props
    2 / 10 2. Train With Props

    Many fitness trainers are big fans of using props in their exercise routine. They’re great because they provide a full-body workout and combine strength training with cardio so you can maximise your results. The momentum of swinging, pressing or pulling weights forces your muscles to counteract the movement, strengthening and toning them.

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  • 3. Focus On Food
    3 / 10 3. Focus On Food

    Keep in mind the real reason you’re trying to lose weight. Is it for health reasons? OR is it for looks? Both will be improved with a balanced diet packed with vitamins and minerals, so focus on what you’re eating, rather than what you aren’t.

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  • 4. Go The Distance
    4 / 10 4. Go The Distance

    Don’t think of dieting as a short-term fix – it’s a lifestyle. Never skip a meal. If you do, blood sugar levels start to dip and you’re more likely to crave something sweet.

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  • 5. Have A Starter
    5 / 10 5. Have A Starter

    It may sound counterintuitive but eating a very light starter before your meals may actually help you to cut the weight. A non-creamy soup or a salad without an oily dressing is the perfect choice. These starters will fill you up and help you to avoid overeating when it comes to your main course.

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  • 6. Manage Your Expectations
    6 / 10 6. Manage Your Expectations

    We all want results! Don’t expect miracles on day one, or even week one. Just keep chipping away, gain some momentum and you will succeed. If you expect some sort of magic to happen early on, you’ll feel demotivated.

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  • 7. Chillax With Yoga
    7 / 10 7. Chillax With Yoga

    Take time to do at least 10 minutes of deep diaphragmatic breaths every day. Place one hand on your chest and one on your tummy, and feel both lift when you inhale, and deflate when you exhale. Focusing on deep breathing encourages the body to burn fat, keep you calm and reduce stress.

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  • 8. Bring On The Substitutes
    8 / 10 8. Bring On The Substitutes

    One very simple tip is to replace all white carbs with fibre-rich, nutrient-dense, complex carbs like brown bread, brown pasta and brown rice. Generally speaking, the same sized portion will contain 20 to 40 per cent fewer calories.

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  • 9. Spice Up Your Life
    9 / 10 9. Spice Up Your Life

    Research suggests that capsaicin, the component that makes chillies hot, increases metabolic rate and suppresses appetite to help you burn more calories and control your weight. But beware, lots of takeaway food is spicy though calorie-dense. So try making your own food instead.

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  • 10. Brush Your Teeth
    10 / 10 10. Brush Your Teeth

    Healthy eating is a given when you’re losing weight. But did you know that one amazing trick after eating a meal is to brush your teeth straight away? It takes away the taste of food in your mouth and stops cravings.

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    A version of this story first appeared on The Singapore Women’s Weekly website.

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