These Apps Will Boost Work From Home Productivity

by Hidayah Idris
LIFESTYLE  |  April 29, 2020
  • Still figuring out this WFH thing? Don’t worry, you’ll get there.
    1 / 9 Still figuring out this WFH thing? Don’t worry, you’ll get there.

    Working from home, just like everyone else is? We understand some of the frustrations you might be facing (“How can I do a video call if my teammates don’t have Google accounts?” “Oh no, I left my notebook at work, I can’t write my to-do lists now!”), which is why we’ve compiled a list of apps to make things easier for you.

    Hopefully, that’ll make for one less thing for you to worry about during these uncertain times and Covid-19 outbreak. Stay home and stay safe! And remember, it’s OK if you’re not as productive as you used to be during this period!


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  • Quip
    2 / 9 Quip

    Great for: Admin work


    Looking for an alternative to Google Docs, Slides and the works? Enter Quip. Like the former, this platform allows users to collaborate on a single file, making it easier for group discussions away from the office.

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  • Slack
    3 / 9 Slack

    Great for: Meetings


    Some teams are already on this, and we like to think of it as the more professional version of WhatsApp. You can also send presentations, files and more to your colleagues in the same channel.

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  • Trello
    4 / 9 Trello

    Great for: Compiling to-do lists


    Used to working with a to-do list but left your notepad at work? Try this app, which allows you to create a digital checklist to manage your tasks. You can also add labels and deadlines to get a more comprehensive planner.

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  • Asana
    5 / 9 Asana

    Great for: Assigning deadlines


    This is similar to Trello such that you can create checklists for various tasks. In fact, you can even assign it to your colleagues to make sure they meet deadlines for their assigned tasks.

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  • Expensify
    6 / 9 Expensify

    Great for: Organising claims/receipts


    Didn’t manage to do your claims before the Circuit Breaker? If you don’t have access to your online claims system and are afraid you’ll end up losing the receipts after a month, this app can help you get your receipts sorted.

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  • SignEasy
    7 / 9 SignEasy

    Great for: Signing documents


    This easy-to-use app allows you to sign off on documents without the hassle of scanning your signature. You can also save your signature, and choose to add it automatically on every signature field on a document.

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  • Dropbox
    8 / 9 Dropbox

    Great for: Sharing files


    If your company is not on Google Drive and you don’t have access to your server, this is a good alternative that allows you to upload files and access them on various devices.

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  • Noisli
    9 / 9 Noisli

    Great for: Providing ambient sounds


    We’re all wired differently—some of us thrive in silence while others need ambient noise to work. If you belong to the latter group, you’ll love this app, which generates background ambient noise while drowning out other noise so you can concentrate better.

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