Why You Should Take More Selfies!

LIFESTYLE  |  October 14, 2016
  • Selfies Make You Happy!
    1 / 3 Selfies Make You Happy!

    In studying how taking selfies affect our mood, researchers at the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences in the US divided 41 college students into three groups. Each group was asked to take one of the following types of photos every day: a smiling selfie, an image that made the person happy, and a snap that participants thought would bring joy to others. Subjects were supposed to report their emotions three times a day, and after four weeks, researchers were pleased to share that members in all the groups ended up being more cheery. The selfie group participants felt more confident and comfortable, and those who took photos of things they liked became more appreciative and reflective. Those who posted things for others also said they felt calmer and more connected to friends and family, which helped to bust stress. The good news, the researchers remind us, is that most of us carry a mobile device these days, making it an easy tool for photo-taking and lifting our spirits any time of the day.

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  • Selfies Boost Your Social Media Accounts
    2 / 3 Selfies Boost Your Social Media Accounts

    If you want more action on your Instagram page, start sharing snaps with faces. A study by the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US and Yahoo! Labs found that pictures with faces were 38 per cent more prone to draw “likes” and 32 percent more likely to get comments. It didn’t matter if subjects were adults or teens, male or female. However, researchers warn against doing too much of a good thing as frequent uploads will reduce the number of likes and comments.

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  • Selfies Improve Your Oral Health
    3 / 3 Selfies Improve Your Oral Health

    Everyone wants brilliant teeth, good gums and fresh breath, but we’re generally slipshod about our tooth-brushing routine. Quite surprisingly, a report in the Indian Journal of Dental Research shared that you could bump up your oral health simply by recording a selfie video of yourself brushing your teeth. While we’re not sure who would want to watch that, scientists involved in the study noted that participants became 8 per cent more skillful in their brushing – attributed to having more brush strokes and better accuracy. The study also noted that the improvement could also be due to a tweak in conventional brushing, making subjects more conscious of the process.

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