What to Expect During Yakson’s Small Face Care Golki Therapy

LIFESTYLE  |  December 14, 2016
  • Pre-treatment
    1 / 6 Pre-treatment

    You’ll be ushered to the changing room where you can store your things in the lockers that are provided. Here, you’ll put on the Yakson House t-shirt and shorts (you have to remove your bra, but you can keep your undies on) to prep for treatment. Yakson Singapore is strictly for women only, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into male customers on the way to the therapy rooms.

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  • Back, arms, decollete massage
    2 / 6 Back, arms, decollete massage

    Before the start of your golki treatment, your therapist will give you a back, shoulder, arms and decollete massage. My therapist Stella used firm strokes to help release tension in my upper back. At certain points, I could feel her pressing down or rubbing my bones too, especially near my shoulder blades. The bone massages where she used her elbow were slightly more painful. The entire massage took around 30-40 minutes.  After this, Stella helped to cleanse off my sunscreen and makeup in preparation for golki therapy. 

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  • Facial golki
    3 / 6 Facial golki

    Golki therapy can only be performed by master therapists, so Stella went out to call in golki senior master Jessica. Jessica is a beautiful, petite Korean woman who looks something like a K-pop star, but don’t be fooled by the demure appearance – she is strong. 

    Before the start of my golki session, Jessica asked me to cup my face in my palms to have a feel of my current bone structure. She also asked if I had any particular concerns about my face shape – use this time to chat with your therapist and lay down any fears or expectations you have. Do note that there’s no mirror as well, so it’s advisable to already know what you want to focus on before the treatment. 

    The golki treatment initially starts as a deep-pressure massage that feels relatively soothing. After the first few minutes though, your therapist will increase the pressure she uses to push and massage your bones for the face resizing. I’m not going to lie – this really, really hurt. If pain was rated upon 10, with 10 being the most painful, eyebrow embroidery would be a four to five, facial extractions a seven or eight, and golki therapy a nine. I already expected the session to hurt (bone restructuring can’t be painless, right?), but I was still caught off-guard by how hard the strokes were. And though it was bearable since Jessica worked on different parts of my face, I still involuntarily shed a tear or two.

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  • Facial mask and finishing touches
    4 / 6 Facial mask and finishing touches

    After all the rubbing and kneading, Stella came back in to apply a soothing peppermint mask to my face. The coldness from the mask was a welcome respite after golki therapy. The mask was left on for roughly 20 minutes. When it’s removed, your therapist will help you apply moisturiser and sunscreen. You can then head back to the changing room to freshen up.

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  • Aftermath
    5 / 6 Aftermath

    My face, head and back area remained sore even two days after the treatment. I also sustained small bruises on my neck and shoulder area, which I’m told is normal for first time customers. According to Yakson, this is just a result of your body’s bones and muscles going through their initial healing process to achieve alignment and balance. The soreness generally lessens after the first three to five sessions of continuous, regular golki therapy. 

    What bothered me most though, was how my chin looked a little uneven post-treatment (left picture). One side drooped noticeably lower than the other. I’m not sure if it’s due to the swelling, but the unevenness is now less obvious on the second day (right picture).

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  • The verdict
    6 / 6 The verdict

    Photo: Yakson Singapore

    I was honestly a bit sceptical when I heard about Yakson’s promise to change one’s face shape through golki therapy. It seemed incredulous that someone’s jaw structure could be manipulated non-surgically, but that is exactly what you’ll get with Yakson’s Small Face Care. 

    Personally, I could see and feel that my cheekbones were more lifted after just one session of golki therapy. This is supposed to be due to a removal of fluid build-up, and you’re encouraged to complete 20 sessions of golki therapy for permanent effects. My entire back area felt less tight as well. 

    Despite the pain, this is still an experience I’d go back for again if I had a special occasion coming up. I’d definitely ask for a mirror before and after the golki therapy though, to make sure no parts of my face are left unbalanced again. A 20-session package for Yakson Singapore Small Face Care is priced at $4108.80 (after GST). 

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