What Does Your Zodiac Sign Reveal About Your Health In 2018?

by Jillian See
LIFESTYLE  |  February 13, 2018
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    Without good health, it’s hard to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Click on to find out what’s the best way to care for yourself, according to predictions by feng shui master Joey Yap.

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  • Dog
    2 / 13 Dog

    Be careful of external intrusions such as traffic accidents, and avoid risky situations. Take up a sport that helps you to clear your mind, such as yoga or tai chi. When you’re relaxed, you’ll be able to make clear decisions and judgements.

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  • Pig
    3 / 13 Pig

    Born in the Year of the Pig, you tend to be very giving, caring about others more than yourself. This year, it’s time to care about your well-being, and exercise more. As one who likes to be a peacemaker, don’t let the problems of others affect you emotionally. Although you dislike others meddling with your problems, learn to not shun a well-meaning advice. It’s good to look at things from a different standpoint. 

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  • Rat
    4 / 13 Rat

    Pay attention to your well-being to prevent yourself from getting sick easily. Steer clear of extreme sports like mountain climbing or skydiving, to evade accidents. Instead, take up sports that you can do daily to stay fit, such as running. All you need are a pair of shoes and some motivation.

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  • Ox
    5 / 13 Ox

    Take care of your health as you’re bound to get sick often. Load your meals with prebiotic-rich foods to keep your gut strong and healthy. If you find yourself falling sick, see the doctor immediately to prevent your illness from worsening. Make sure to get plenty of rest.

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  • Tiger
    6 / 13 Tiger

    Boost your immunity by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals. Make sure that your work area stays germ-free to reduce your chance of catching a bug. Get moving whenever possible. Consider joining a team sport, or get someone to tag along with you during workouts. Sweating it out with someone will make you more motivated to give it your all.

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  • Rabbit
    7 / 13 Rabbit

    You may not be in the best of health this year, but stick to the foolproof method of eating clean and exercising regularly and you’ll be able to fight off illnesses. As a Rabbit, you’re resilient, and will bounce back from setbacks, but don’t overwork yourself. Sometimes, it’s better to take a breather and hang out with friends to de-stress.

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  • Dragon
    8 / 13 Dragon

    You might experience digestive issues, due to a weaker stomach. Counter that by eating small meals throughout the day. Make sure that each has a good mix of carbs, protein, fibre and healthy fats for a well-balanced meal.

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  • Snake
    9 / 13 Snake

    You may have frequent visits to the doctor, due to a weaker immune system. As a Snake, you tend to listen to your own intuitions rather than others. Try to see things from another’s perspective and learn to be less guarded. Listen to professional advice and be sure to finish your prescribed medication.  

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  • Horse
    10 / 13 Horse

    Start the year right by adopting a healthier lifestyle, as your poor health makes you more prone to flu and diseases. If you have not been doing so, prep your own meals for a healthier diet. When you prepare your meals, you can control the ingredients added. Make them in weekly batches and you can save on cost too.

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  • Goat
    11 / 13 Goat

    Your health is in tip-top condition this year, with good stamina and strength, as well as boundless energy. Take this time to try a new sport and challenge yourself. You’ll be surprised by the things you’re actually good at.

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  • Monkey
    12 / 13 Monkey

    You should avoid being in risky situations to prevent accidents. Skip extreme sports and instead, try something that is more calming and relaxing, such as yoga. The meditation and quiet time will help you to rejuvenate and feel recharged after.

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  • Rooster
    13 / 13 Rooster

    Be on your toes more often this year to prevent lethargy. Beat the sluggishness by sweating it out regularly. Even when you’re busy, make the effort to be active, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift.

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