3 Unique Ideas for an Active Weekend in Singapore

by Victoria Barker
LIFESTYLE  |  December 17, 2018
  • If you need a break from your workouts but still want to stay active, try these super fun activities.
    1 / 4 If you need a break from your workouts but still want to stay active, try these super fun activities.

    Despite oft-heard laments to the contrary, we are of the opinion that there’s more – so much more – to our little Red Dot than the usual national pastimes of shopping, taking in the latest blockbuster, and well, eating. For those of you itching to bust out of your comfort zones and do something truly unique in Singapore, we’ve rounded up some interesting, lesser-known options for things to do that you may not even have known existed. Go forth, explore and stay active at the same time.

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  • Island kayaking
    2 / 4 Island kayaking

    The popularity of water sports such as stand up paddling has been growing over the years, but did you know you can also kayak through some very interesting locations – not your usual East Coast or Pasir Ris Park outings.

    With KayakAsia, options include the Pulau Ubin river trails, an immersive 6-hour, 12-km nature route where you may spot numerous species of wildlife from birds to snakes during your journey. Or paddle your way through swampy mangroves of Mandai, looking out for remnants of the long-forgotten Kampung Fatimah over a 7km stretch that takes four hours to meander.

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    Most of the trips are designed for all ability levels, so beginners are welcome, and trips generally cost around $85 to $95 per person, inclusive of brunch. Bring your rowing arms!

    For more info: Visit www.kayakasia.org

    Photo: KayakAsia

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  • Axe throwing
    3 / 4 Axe throwing

    Channel your inner viking at Axe Factor, a newly-opened (August 2018) axe-throwing facility, the first and only one of its kind here. It may sound like a primitive sport, but we reckon gripping those heavy weapons in your hands, then flinging them at the wooden target, might be rather therapeutic.

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    Those worried about safety will be glad to know that the proper rules and regulations are in place, and each session is facilitated by an ‘axe-pert’ who will guide you through the techniques of axe-throwing before you get to take your first shot. Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes as well, to prevent any, ahem, mishaps. Sessions start at $28 per hour per pax for an hour of axe-throwing, but group and private room bookings are available, too.

    Where: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #01-32A/B & 34A/B
    For more info: Visit www.axefactor.com.sg

    Photo: Axe Factor Singapore

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  • VR escape rooms
    4 / 4 VR escape rooms

    Take the escape room experience to the next level at Sandbox VR. This “hyper-reality” offering, which opened here earlier this year and which promises “movie-quality, real-time motion capture rigs” – meaning that every move you make in the green room is captured in-game. And for some games, you’ll be wearing a haptic vest which allows you to actually feel the hits happening in-game as vibrations.

    Designed for groups of two to six ($32/player before 6pm on weekdays; $42/player after 6pm on weekdays and on weekends and PH), each session – choose from haunted house-based game Deadwood Mansion or Curse Of Davy Jones which is set on a pirate ship – gets you around 30 minutes in actual VR.

    It’s immersive, super realistic and just boatloads of unique fun. Ready, player one?

    Where: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #05-31
    For more info: Visit www.sandboxvr.com/sg

    Photo: Sandbox VR

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