Top 3 Qualities of Super Successful People

LIFESTYLE  |  August 06, 2017
  • What an expert says
    1 / 4 What an expert says

    Not everyone who has a high IQ will end up rich and successful.

    Instead, economist and nobel prize winner James Heckman argues that an individual’s personality traits are what matters more. Here are the most important traits that can influence a person’s ability to become wealthy.

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  • Conscientiousness
    2 / 4 Conscientiousness

    Conscientiousness essentially refers to a person’s ability to practise and demonstrate self-discipline and control.

    Highly successful people tend to refuse immediate gratification for the glory of long-term achievements. Just about every decision made by people with a high level of conscientiousness is influenced by long-term achievements and goals.

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  • Attention to detail
    3 / 4 Attention to detail

    Having attention to detail ties in with conscienctiousness. Successful people tend to be able to look at the big picture as well as scrutinise the little details.

    Being able to look at the bigger picture allows for decision makers to get a proper view of the matter at hand and enhance their abilities to make proper decisions.

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  • Being open to experiences and ideas
    4 / 4 Being open to experiences and ideas

    People who are high in openness and experiences tend to be able to string abstract concepts together more easily than others. They also make great leaders because they’re able to see the good in just about every idea imaginable and work with others better so they can achieve success too.


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