Steal These 10 Wardrobe Pieces From Your Boyfriend to Jazz Up Your Outfits

by Sean Tham
LIFESTYLE  |  November 04, 2018
  • Look no further than your partner's closet for wardrobe pieces that can up your #OOTD game. You'd be surprised by how you can turn them into stylish staples.
    1 / 11 Look no further than your partner's closet for wardrobe pieces that can up your #OOTD game. You'd be surprised by how you can turn them into stylish staples.

    We all love wearing pretty little dresses that showcase our femininity. But sometimes, it can be fun to change it up a little — and who better to draw inspiration from than your partner? Besides, there’s nothing like having a piece of your bae with you throughout the day. We help you raid your boyfriend’s closet and turn those manly pieces into chic and fashionable staples.

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  • His navy blue anything
    2 / 11 His navy blue anything

    Navy blue is a colour that exists in almost every man’s closet, simply because it’s a versatile colour that breathes elegance and class. Fun fact: The Parisians believe that pairing navy with black is a form of rebellion, as the combination is seen as a fashion faux pas. But we say throw out the rule book. Borrow his navy blazer, t-shirt or sweater and pair them with your black denim jeans to flaunt your inner rebel.

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  • His fashionable joggers
    3 / 11 His fashionable joggers

    The athleisure trend isn’t taking a rest. Snag your boyfriend’s comfy sweatpants but make sure they are a touch dressy (and not those that are holey from being worn one too many times). These will allow you to look stylish at a party, while providing some wiggle room to eat seconds.

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  • His trousers
    4 / 11 His trousers

    Take the popular “Boyfriend Jeans” trend to another level by going for his roomy wide-legged pants. Even better if they come in bold block colours. Pair them with a sleek camisole and heeled sandals for a nice twist.

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  • His bomber jacket
    5 / 11 His bomber jacket

    There is something sexy about an oversized bomber jacket on a woman. To tone down the masculine vibe, pair it with a feminine and flirty dress and top it off with a statement necklace.

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  • 5. His (oversized) shirt
    6 / 11 5. His (oversized) shirt

    The casual button-down shirt is an all-time favourite grab for any fashionista worth her salt. Look effortlessly cool by using it as a shirt-dress. Cinch it with a belt and roll up your sleeves to prevent looking frumpy. For added zing, wear a lacy top or a bralette underneath and leave the top few buttons open.

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  • 6. His cap
    7 / 11 6. His cap

    Having a bad hair day? No problem, grab his baseball cap for a quick fix or if you need to head out to the gym. For something more stylish, borrow his beret or fedora to instantly elevate your look.

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  • 7. His coat
    8 / 11 7. His coat

    There’s no need to spend a fortune on a designer trench if your boyfriend has a piece. Snuggle down to his oversized trench and rock the look with skinny jeans and booties. Because they’re so roomy, you can layer more garments underneath in colder weather without looking too bulky.

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  • 8. His mohair sweater
    9 / 11 8. His mohair sweater

    An oversized sweater can be hot, especially when it slides casually down one shoulder. Give this piece a fresh spin by pairing it with a leather skirt.

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  • His white t-shirt
    10 / 11 His white t-shirt

    An essential piece in everyone’s closet, a white t-shirt can be worn with anything and everything. Pair it with a set of crystal embellished earrings and leather pants for a rocker chick vibe, or throw a blazer over it and tuck it in distressed jeans for something more laid back.

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  • His really cool pair of sunglasses
    11 / 11 His really cool pair of sunglasses

    Your man’s aviators, reflectors, or wayfarers are an essential steal and will make you look uber cool. Men’s shades also tend to be larger, so you can look fashionable and get better coverage at the same time when you borrow his eyewear.

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