9 Pairs of Fun Socks That Will Brighten Up Your Outfits

by Bryan Goh
LIFESTYLE  |  June 25, 2019
  • From old school cool to the punny – these socks are guaranteed to make your ankles the star of the show.
    1 / 10 From old school cool to the punny – these socks are guaranteed to make your ankles the star of the show.

    You might not have thought much about the humble (and hidden) sock as a fashion accessory, but that’s also not to say that you shouldn’t be putting on a pair of socks that’ll put a smile on your face every time you look down.

    PS: They are perfect conversation starters too!

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  • Shrimply The Best Socks, $6.90
    2 / 10 Shrimply The Best Socks, $6.90

    It’s in a millennial-friendly shade of pastel blue (aka the unpopular sibling of Rose Quartz), it has a pun on it and if the shrimp embroidery isn’t the cutest thing ever, we don’t know what is.

    Available at Topshop

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  • Happy Socks X Beatles Collection Fish & Whales Sock, $20.90
    3 / 10 Happy Socks X Beatles Collection Fish & Whales Sock, $20.90

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    To the uninitiated, these are just socks with cute fishes on them. But to the ailurophile who loves music, you’ll immediately recognise these the fish illustrations from The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Either way, you can see how this pair is a pleaser to both audiences.

    Available at Tangs

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  • MRT Socks, $12.90
    4 / 10 MRT Socks, $12.90

    It might take you a while to realise what the graphics are on these socks: Are they from an indie music album cover? Are they just randomly laid out to resemble “art”? Either way, until you manage to figure them out, it’s the perfect pop of colour if you’re wearing darker colours on top.

    Available at Freshly Pressed

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  • Hammer Oil Socks, $12.90
    5 / 10 Hammer Oil Socks, $12.90

    Before the wave of essential oils, every grandma purported Hammer oil as a cure-all for any illness or ailment. Although a nice gesture, we’d recommend you just go to a proper doctor today. But if you ever need a gift for your foreigner friends that isn’t a cliché pin or keychain, they’re not going to complain about this quirky pair.

    Available at WhenIWasFour

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  • Be Confident Socks by Talking Toes, $13
    6 / 10 Be Confident Socks by Talking Toes, $13

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    Look past the ‘60s print of these socks and realise how fun they’re going to make you look. With jeans and sneakers, you’re that laidback chick who loves to live life. With a dress and a pair of sandals, you’re old-school cool.

    Available at Naiise

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  • Animal Print Jacquard Mercerised Cotton Socks, $11.90
    7 / 10 Animal Print Jacquard Mercerised Cotton Socks, $11.90

    You want to try out something leopard print but a jacket, dress, or anything that covers too much of your body in that print freaks you out. Enter the leopard print socks: They’re functional and easy enough for you to incorporate into your wardrobe. Upgrade to a scarf next once you’re comfortable — you’re welcome.

    Available at Zara

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  • Illusion Sock - Teal/Mustard, $9
    8 / 10 Illusion Sock - Teal/Mustard, $9

    Nobody really needs to know you bought this pair of funky geometric socks online (and there are many a funky print). They’re going to assume you bought it in a cool museum store because “wow, those geometric patterns!”. And that’s not a bad thing.

    Available at Earnest & Collective

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  • Disney Mini Minnies Socks, approx $29.20
    9 / 10 Disney Mini Minnies Socks, approx $29.20

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    If you haven’t noticed by now, Mickey is everywhere, on clothes, jewellery, watches, bags, etc. But maybe it’s time for his girlfriend (or wife? Or soulmate?) Minnie to take the spotlight: Printed at least 30 times on a pair of socks you might just want to wear under boots to keep your feet warm and comfy.

    Available at Stance

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  • 2-Pack of Neon Socks, $17.90
    10 / 10 2-Pack of Neon Socks, $17.90

    What else is extreme besides the words on these socks? The price (You get two pairs after all), the fluorescent neon colours (how often do you find socks that aren’t pastel?), and how they’re gonna look popping out against the everyday white sneaker.

    Available at Bershka

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