8 Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin That Are Under $100 Each

by Ho Guo Xiong
LIFESTYLE  |  August 14, 2020
  • Soothe irritated skin with these specially formulated products
    1 / 9 Soothe irritated skin with these specially formulated products

    If your skin is easily agitated, often itchy and red, you probably have sensitive skin or your skin has become sensitised due to certain environmental or lifestyle factors. While the former is a skin type and the latter a skin condition, the symptoms are usually similar: flushing, dryness, itchiness, looking ashy and dull and a stinging/burning sensation whenever skin comes into contact with anything from water to skincare products.

    As such, sensitive and sensitised skin can both benefit from skincare that has gentle formulations, omits potential irritants including fragrance, parabens, alcohols and colourants. Those with this sensitive or sensitised skin should also look for products that incorporate skin-loving ingredients such as ceramides, humectants (like hyaluronic acid) and vitamins (like niacinamide) that repair and restore a healthy skin barrier and soothe sensitive and sensitised skin in the long run. Here are some to consider adding to your skincare routine if you’ve been experiencing any of the above symptoms.

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  • Ceradan Gentle Cleanser, $47
    2 / 9 Ceradan Gentle Cleanser, $47

    Ceradan is a Singaporean pharmaceutical company that prides itself on a formula containing ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acids in the optimal ratio 3:1:1 that is especially great at repairing compromised skin barriers. This gentle, non-foaming hydrating cleanser is suitable for both face and body, does not contain SLS/SLES, dyes, fragrance and parabens and can be used with or without water.

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  • Freeplus Mild Shower Large, $36
    3 / 9 Freeplus Mild Shower Large, $36

    Freeplus is a Japanese skincare label under Kanebo Cosmetics that preaches clean, simple and safe formulations containing oriental herbs. Mild Shower is a moisturising mist consisting of natural moisturising factors and niacinamide. Use it as a hydrating toner on the face and body or over makeup to refresh.

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  • Kew Organics Divinely Gentle Exfoliant Powder, $61.60
    4 / 9 Kew Organics Divinely Gentle Exfoliant Powder, $61.60

    Sensitive skin types need to be particular with the physical exfoliants they use. It cannot be too abrasive or it would exacerbate the problem. Kew Organics employs micronised organic Adzuki rice and bamboo powder to gently slough off dead skin while colloidal oatmeal, blueberry fruit fibre and vitamins C and E calm, soothe and protect the skin from oxidative damage.

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  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum, $46.90
    5 / 9 La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum, $46.90

    Sensitive skin can be accompanied by uncomfortable tingling, stinging and even a rise in temperature that leaves you flushed. To relieve and heal, La Roche-Posay has included Neurosensine to this lightweight serum. This ingredient blocks pain sensation, and Osmolyte another key ingredient aids skin barrier repair.

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  • D Program Allerdefense Essence SPF46 PA+++, $40.90
    6 / 9 D Program Allerdefense Essence SPF46 PA+++, $40.90

    Pollution and UV rays are other factors that chip away the skin’s integrity and lead to sensitivity. Japanese skincare line d program employs a three-pronged approach backed by research at the Shiseido labs to keep the skin’s natural defence barrier strong and healthy. The formula comprises a shielding film that keeps pollutants and impurities out, while an absorbing powder within the film traps any airborne particulates. Lastly the harmful particulate matter is rendered ineffective by neutralising ingredients.

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  • Derma Lab Ceramide Repair Liquid, $39.90
    7 / 9 Derma Lab Ceramide Repair Liquid, $39.90

    Derma Lab has a proprietary Derma Mimic Complex that was formulated specifically to repair and strengthen dry, sensitive Asian skin using a combination of ceramides 1, 3 and 6 and hyaluronic acid. The Ceramide Repair Liquid also touts anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe and protect against pollution.

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  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, $29.88
    8 / 9 CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, $29.88

    Cerave is well-loved within the sensitive skin community for its effective, no-frills formulations backed by science. The Moisturizing Cream has the MVE technology that continually hydrates skin over 24 hours in tandem with ceramides and hyaluronic acid that repair and hydrate. For the budget-conscious, this cream can be applied to both the face and body.

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  • Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion, $28.90
    9 / 9 Derma B Daily Moisture Body Lotion, $28.90

    Derma B’s Multi Lamellar Emulsion (MLE) technology mimics the skin’s three-dimensional structure to ensure that their formulations absorb quickly to restore hydration without any stickiness and irritation. This iteration also contains olive oil and allantoin that imparts a healthy glow.

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