5 Simple Ways To De-Puff Your Eyes In Minutes

by Jillian See
LIFESTYLE  |  June 20, 2018
  •  These quick and simple hacks will help to banish puffy eyes.
    1 / 6 These quick and simple hacks will help to banish puffy eyes.

    There are many reasons for puffy eyes: excessive crying, a lack of sleep or even a high-sodium diet. It is a crisis when you have a date or important meeting, and you are stuck in an unfortunate swollen-eye situation. De-puff your eyes quickly with these hacks. 

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  • Cucumber slices
    2 / 6 Cucumber slices

    The most well-known natural remedy in getting rid of puffy eyes: using cucumber slices. Due to its high water content, cucumber has hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the puffiness in your under-eye region.

    Chill cucumber slices in the freezer for about 30 minutes. The cucumber slices should be about 1.5cm thick. Lying down with eyes closed, place the chilled cucumber slices over your eyes. Let them sit for 15 minutes for the natural acids of the cucumber to work their magic into your skin.

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  • Tea bags
    3 / 6 Tea bags

    Tea bags are also a common home remedy to banish puffy eyes and dark circles. Tea leaves contain an antioxidant, tannin, that helps to draw out toxins and tighten pores to reduce overall swelling.

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    Place two tea bags in hot water and let them sit for a minute. Take them out and let cool, before placing the bags over your eyes for about 15 minutes.

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  • Raw egg whites
    4 / 6 Raw egg whites

    Other than nursing a bruise, eggs are also good for de-puffing your eyes – specifically, egg whites. Egg whites are rich in vitamin B and folic acid that reduce the levels of oxidative stress on your skin.

    After washing your hands thoroughly, apply half a teaspoon of egg white under each eye and wait for 15 minutes as it dries. Rinse well with warm water.

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  • Aloe vera gel
    5 / 6 Aloe vera gel

    Aloe vera gel is an all-in-one cream that not only soothes sunburns and moisturises dry skin, but is also useful in de-puffing your eyes. The antioxidants and vitamin E in aloe vera gel helps to improve blood circulation and flush out fluids to reduce swelling.

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    Like an eye cream, apply aloe vera gel directly on the puffy area. Massage gently to help the gel get absorbed into the skin.

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  • Cold spoons
    6 / 6 Cold spoons

    Cool temperature really works when it comes to tackling swollen eyes. When you do not have any of the previous ingredients readily available, use this method. Also, drink more water throughout the day to help flush out toxins and reduce swelling.

    Place two tablespoons in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Using the back of the spoons, roll them around the swelling area until the coolness of the spoon wears off.

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