7 Period Sex Positions That Are Worth a Try

by Atika Lim
LIFESTYLE  |  June 01, 2020
  • Why should your period stop you from having fun?
    1 / 8 Why should your period stop you from having fun?

    There’s no denying that sex on your period can get really messy. But just because Aunt Flo is here doesn’t mean you can’t get frisky. In fact, a survey done by Flex that involved a sample size of 500 men and women found that slightly more than half them think period sex is “natural” and “awesome”. And not to mention, there are some really cool benefits of having period sex.

    If neither you nor your partner are squeamish when it comes to the sight of blood, it’d be good to give period sex a go. YOLO, right? Plus, all you really need is a towel under you to prevent the fluid from getting on the bed.

    Check out some of the sex positions that work even when you’re on your period.

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  • Cowgirl
    2 / 8 Cowgirl

    Being on top not only allows you to control the pace, but also the depth of which he’s inside you. All you need to do is put the towel under him so even if things get a lil leaky, the sheets remain clean. The best part? He gets to admire your rack in all its glory.

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  • Reverse Cowgirl
    3 / 8 Reverse Cowgirl
    This is cowgirl, but facing away from your partner. You’ll still be able to control the pace and depth, and though your partner won’t be able to look at your body, he can sure get grabby with his hands by cupping your girls from behind. How’s that for some erotic fun?
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  • Missionary
    4 / 8 Missionary

    This one’s a no-brainer! It’s the best position because you’re on your back most of the time and he still gets to make out with you. Plus, because you’re so busy looking each other and enjoying the moment, he won’t notice the blood.

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  • Elevated Missionary
    5 / 8 Elevated Missionary
    We love this one because it allows for deeper penetration. All you have to do is place a bolster or pillow under your back while in the missionary position. The other great thing about this is that, it really does prevent the flow of blood because of the angle you’re at.
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  • Doggy Style With A Pillow
    6 / 8 Doggy Style With A Pillow

    Another position that prevents the flow of blood, the elevated version of a doggy style can be pretty intense but that also means more orgasms!

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  • Spooning
    7 / 8 Spooning
    Compared to the elevated missionary position, the spooning position doesn’t quite allow for deeper penetration and that’s OK if you’re having cramps but still want to have sex.

    Besides, being in the little spoon position makes you feel a sense of intimacy with your partner too!

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  • Standing Doggy In The Shower
    8 / 8 Standing Doggy In The Shower

    If all else fails, go with standing shower sex. You might want to start slow though because having sex while in the shower can be dangerous because of how slippery it is but hey, at least you don’t have to worry so much about the cleaning up!

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