How Korean Girls Prevent Pimples And Maintain Glass Skin

by Kelly Im
LIFESTYLE  |  September 14, 2018
  • Combat breakouts and get clearer skin with these these tried-and-tested K-beauty tips and tricks
    1 / 6 Combat breakouts and get clearer skin with these these tried-and-tested K-beauty tips and tricks

    When you visit Seoul and watch girls cover their flawless face, you might think, “Is she born with it? How does she prevent pimples? Or is it Korea’s crazy innovative skin technology?”

    In the land where dewy ‘chok chok’ skin has become the norm, there’s no room for pesky breakouts. Korean skincare companies work around the clock to come up with newer, simpler, and more effective tools to make acne-free complexions a reality.

    These tools are the ammunition for Korean girls who traditionally adopt a two-pronged zit-busting approach. Firstly, militant long-term habits to prevent pimples. Secondly, swiftly treating any spots that do inevitably surface, whether it’s because it’s that time of the month or because you’ve indulged in a few too many insulin-spiking cocktails.

    In fact, Korean girls know that managing insulin levels is a no-cost way to help to keep your skin clear. A popular old secret that’s been around since long before the days of K-pop is to get a healthy dose of sweet potato. With a lower Glycemic Index than the humble potato, the sweet potato is super high in vitamins A and C as well as manganese. These are all important nutrients when it comes to fighting the sebum that makes those nasty pimples!

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  • Patches
    2 / 6 Patches


    When we said that Korean girls deal swiftly with their pimples, we weren’t kidding. As soon as there’s a hint of a spot, they pop a hydrocolloid patch on it and won’t remove it until the spot has flattened, even if it means going grocery shopping with shiny circular patches. This is quite literally a band-aid solution as hydrocolloid is traditionally used in wound dressing. The geniuses at Cosrx have made these into comfortable yet effective must-have for anyone who wants to prevent pimples.

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  • Pads
    3 / 6 Pads


    The other super convenient tool for pimples – medicated pads. This product by Cosrx contains powerful exfoliants like willow bark water and betaine salicylate along with soothing ingredients such as panthenol and allantoin so that your skin doesn’t have to feel like the Sahara Desert. You can use these wipes instead of the usual toner as they can remove remaining makeup residue.

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  • Mists
    4 / 6 Mists


    Especially with the summer heat and humidity, a mist containing a powerful yet gentle antioxidant will help prevent pimples. Benton’s Honest TT mist contains tea tree and aloe vera leaf extratc to oh so lovingly purify your skin without stripping it dry. If you usually break out when you travel, this mist is a life saver because its genius airless container means it’s safe for in-flight action.

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  • Medicated swabs
    5 / 6 Medicated swabs


    Tea tree oil is another popular form of spot treatment, but using it from the bottle can cause more harm than good. Imagine the dirty hands putting more bacteria on your skin. In fact, concentrated tea tree oil is actually not the best for your skin as you are supposed to dilute it first. These ready made swabs provide safe, sanitary and simple pimple prevention.

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  • Peels
    6 / 6 Peels


    We don’t mean painful peels that’ll leave you red and shedding more skin than a boa constrictor. We’re referring to peeling gels that you can use a few times a week at home. Sandawha’s Aqua Peeling Gel quickly developed a cult following for its unique blend of antioxidants to purify gunk, acne-prone skin. Along with rice bran and niacinamide, this gel also fades dark marks on your skin. When using this gel, prepared to see real balls of dead skin slough off your face. It’s both cathartic and terrifying, but anything to prevent pimples, right?

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