How to Care For Your Swimsuit So That It’ll Always Look As Good As New

by Adora Wong
LIFESTYLE  |  March 15, 2018
  • Rinse after swimming
    1 / 5 Rinse after swimming

    Even if youre not able to wash your swimsuit immediately after coming out of the pool or sea, you should at least rinse it. Salt and chlorine can cause colour to fade and even facilitate the growth of mildew (a type of fungus).

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  • Hand-wash only
    2 / 5 Hand-wash only

    Hand-washing is a chore, but a necessity – especially since it pretty much ensures gentle cleaning. If you absolutely dont have the time, then at least put your swimsuit in a mesh laundry bag before chucking it into the washing machine.

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  • Use cold water
    3 / 5 Use cold water

    Cold water and a mild detergent make the perfect washing combo. You wouldnt want anything to use anything too harsh on the fabrics.

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  • Hang dry
    4 / 5 Hang dry

    Putting your swimsuit in the dryer will only make the colour fade faster, so leave it to dry on the table, chair or even doorknob. But don’t leave it out in the sun – that can affect the colour too.

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  • Don't wear into a hot tub
    5 / 5 Don't wear into a hot tub

    The chemicals and heat can cause some degree of damage, so put on an older swimsuit you wouldnt really feel sad about binning.

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