How to Stop Stress From Taking Over Your Life

LIFESTYLE  |  November 07, 2016
  • 1. Do A Light Workout
    1 / 5 1. Do A Light Workout

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    Any physical activity — whether a small workout like a brisk walk with your dog or a HIIT session — is guaranteed to get your endorphin levels up. Endorphins are natural painkillers that can help bring out feelings of happiness and calmness in you.

    Working out can also help relief stress and take your mind off certain issues.

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  • 2. Give Yourself A Moment To Breathe
    2 / 5 2. Give Yourself A Moment To Breathe

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    It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting your emotions get the better of you but the moment you start feeling overwhelmed — whether at work or in any given situation — stop and give yourself a breather.

    Studies have shown that taking personal time for yourself every day (it could even be for just five minutes!) can help put you in better touch with your feelings and help you clear your head. So, before you dive in head first into different tasks at hand, make it a point to breathe.

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  • 3. Use Essential Oils
    3 / 5 3. Use Essential Oils

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    When we’re stressed or feeling a sense of anxiety, the muscles in our body tend to tense up, causing you to feel more tired than usual. Try using essential oils such as lavender and chamomile to soothe you when this happens.

    Add a few drops onto your palm and breathe the scent in. Lavender oil is said to be able to alleviate headaches, stress and tension in the body too.

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  • 4. Load Up On Vitamins
    4 / 5 4. Load Up On Vitamins

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    Vitamins like fish oil, vitamin B and folate can help to treat feelings of anxiety and stress. Packed with omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil can help balance your mood and prevent you from falling sick.

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  • 5. Eat Well
    5 / 5 5. Eat Well

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    If you’re already feeling stress and full of anxiety, a diet high in saturated fats, sugar and other mood affecting foods could make you feel worse. So, load up on healthy foods that don’t crash your blood sugar levels.

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    A version of this story first appeared on The Singapore Women’s Weekly website.

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