Home Aroma Therapy: Best Scents to Use For Every Room in Your House!

by Dawn Chen
LIFESTYLE  |  July 17, 2017

    Make your home a super cosy one with this nifty room scenting guide by luxury beauty and fragrance retailer Escentials. Different scents can change the mood and vibe of a place. Find the right scents to relax you or boost your concentration!

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  • Hallway
    2 / 15 Hallway

    The hallway is the place at home where first impressions are made. Woody-based notes such as cedarwood, oud, patchouli or even leather are great for creating a subtle yet welcoming entrance. Such earthy and warm smelling scents will also help to soothe irritation and relax frazzled minds after a long work day – it’s the perfect way to welcome you back home!

    Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / www.123rf.com

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  • Hallway scent suggestions
    3 / 15 Hallway scent suggestions

    Byredo Bibliotheque Candle ($111), Diptyque Amber Room Spray ($102), Le Labo Palo Santo
    14 candle ($120) and Fornasetti Architecture ($240). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials

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  • Living room
    4 / 15 Living room

    The living room is one of the areas where you would spend most of your time in at home. Sweet-and-floral-based notes will help create a refreshing and comfortable
    atmosphere for you to relax in.

    For larger living rooms, try using a diffuser with stronger notes to allow the scent to gently permeate the entire room. Kick back on your couch and enjoy!

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  • Living room scent suggestions
    5 / 15 Living room scent suggestions

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mon Beau Sapin Candle ($100), Diptyque Roses Candle ($102), Diptyque Baies Hourglass Diffuser ($260), Cire Trudon Josephine Candle ($150) and Damselfly ‘Good Vibes’ Candle ($120). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials

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  • Dining area
    6 / 15 Dining area

    The dining area is the room where most people gather with family and friends to catch up over delicious meals. Stay away from overpowering fragrances to prevent the scent from interfering with tantalising food aromas.

    Citrus-based notes such as bergamot, lemon and orange are perfect for the dining area. A light spritz of room spray
    before and after meals will also ensure that the smell of food doesn’t linger.

    Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / www.123rf.com

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  • Dining area scent suggestions
    7 / 15 Dining area scent suggestions

    Diptyque Oranger Candle ($102), Diptyque Fleur Oranger Hourglass Diffuser ($260), Byredo Carrousel Scented Candle ($111) and Compagnie de Provence Summer Grapefruit Room Spray ($45). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials 

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  • Kitchen
    8 / 15 Kitchen

    The kitchen is a tricky place to perfume at home. Citrus scents are great in the kitchen as they cut through the savoury smells while keeping the area calm and refreshing. Be adventurous and try scenting your kitchen with candles, room sprays or even a fragrance diffuser!

    Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / www.123rf.com

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  • Kitchen scent suggestions
    9 / 15 Kitchen scent suggestions

    Cire Trudon Abd el kader Candle ($130), Berdoues Scorza Di Sicilia Candle (Price $65), Compagnie de Provence Fresh Verbena Reed Diffuser ($70) and Diptyque Verveine Room Spray ($102). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials 

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  • Bedroom
    10 / 15 Bedroom

    Floral based notes are best for creating a relaxing environment in bedrooms. This helps you to feel utterly at home while relieving stress and anxiety. Homeowners who prefer woody fragrances can look out for notes such as sandalwood and cypress to keep the bedroom smelling fresh and clean. Investing in a stylish candle or diffuser bottle will also add points to your overall room decor!

    Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / www.123rf.com

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  • Bedroom scent suggestions
    11 / 15 Bedroom scent suggestions

    Apotheke Bamboo Diffuser ($90), Eight & Bob Sagaponack Candle ($115), Cire Trudon Mandurai Candle ($130) and Carriere Freres Lily of the Valley Candle (Price unavailable). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials 

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  • Bathroom
    12 / 15 Bathroom

    Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with fruity-based notes such as apricot, fig and peach. Try to always keep a room spray on hand in the bathroom for a quick spritz to refresh the space after each usage. If you are looking to indulge in a bubble bath, light up a scented candle for romantic, luxurious spa vibes.

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  • Bathroom scent suggestions
    13 / 15 Bathroom scent suggestions

    Damselfly Grace XL Quote Candle ($80), Annick Goutal Noel Home Spray ($85), Fornasetti Profumi Fior di Lina Large Scented Candle ($1000) and Apotheke Citrus Basil
    Diffuser ($90). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials 

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  • Home office
    14 / 15 Home office

    Spicy-based fragrances will help you focus without getting distracted if you are working from home. Cardamon, spice, patchouli and vetiver are the perfect notes to look out for when selecting spicy fragrances. To jazz up your work desk, try using a fragrance diffuser – it adds a design element and offers you fuss-free control over scenting
    your workspace.

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  • Home office scent suggestions
    15 / 15 Home office scent suggestions

    Eight & Bob Lord Howe Diffuser ($160), Cire Trudon Nazareth Candle ($150), Damselfy Large Quote Candle ($65) and Carriere Freres Ginger Candle (Price unavailable). All available at Escentials.

    Photo: Escentials 

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