Here’s How You Can Sail Around Marina Bay For Free

LIFESTYLE  |  September 22, 2016
  • Seeing Singapore from a different perspective
    1 / 3 Seeing Singapore from a different perspective

    The session made me realise how gorgeous Singapore’s city skyline is. What’s great is that the skippers don’t take a fixed route – they will take the boat to the most photogenic spots of the Marina Bay basin, so you can enjoy the stunning views. Tip: Two fleets of boats are used – the SB20, a four-men crew boat, and the Swedish Match 40 (SM40), which carries up to 10 people. Take the SM40 as you’ll get better photos.

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  • Taking Instagram-worthy photos
    2 / 3 Taking Instagram-worthy photos

    You’ll be snapping away as there will be many different photo angles to play around with. The money shot: A photo of you steering the boat once you’re out at sea. All participants will get the opportunity to do this with the skipper next to them. I felt the experience was similar to driving a car, except that the boat was less reactive.

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  • Feeling calmer and less stressed
    3 / 3 Feeling calmer and less stressed

    Given the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s easy to forget that we live on an island, unless you happen to live or work near the water. I felt relaxed during and even after the experience. You get to sit back and watch the world go by, while enjoying the company of those near and dear to you. In fact, the sailing experience would make a fantastic girls’ day out – all you’d need is to bring along a bottle of champagne and some nibbles.

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