Here’s How To Get Flawless Eyebrows

LIFESTYLE  |  May 31, 2017
  • 1. Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, $34
    1 / 5 1. Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, $34

    Sweat and water-resistant, this pencil comes with a spoolie brush and one-turn sharpener cap. With a total of five colours to choose from, there’s definitely a colour that suits you.

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  • 2. Highlighter Pencil, $30.50
    2 / 5 2. Highlighter Pencil, $30.50

    This double-ended pencil comes with a matte and shimmery highlight. It doubles up as a concealer and face highlighter too.

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  • 3. Clear eyebrow gel, $30.50
    3 / 5 3. Clear eyebrow gel, $30.50

    Coat your brows with this clear gel that helps to keep your brows in place all day. It can even be used to set and waterproof your mascara.

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  • 4. Convertible brow, $55 and Eyebrow brush, $21.50
    4 / 5 4. Convertible brow, $55 and Eyebrow brush, $21.50

    With this compact, you can easily customise the perfect colour for your brows. Each compact comes with a warm, neutral and ash tone that can be easily blended. Use it wet for a stronger look. Plus your palette will revert back to powder consistency even after using it wet.

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  • 5. Eyebrow tweezers, $45 and Tweezers sharpeners (12 pieces), $6.50
    5 / 5 5. Eyebrow tweezers, $45 and Tweezers sharpeners (12 pieces), $6.50

    Made with a precision slanted tip, plucking your hair will be a breeze with these tweezers. It makes tweezing less painful too. You can even get disposable sharpeners that’ll help to sharpen and clean your tweezers.

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