The Best Hair Accessories for a Distraction-Free Workout

by Ho Guo Xiong
LIFESTYLE  |  May 30, 2019
  • Keep every strand of hair in place so you can channel all focus onto your workout sesh.
    1 / 9 Keep every strand of hair in place so you can channel all focus onto your workout sesh.

    You’re probably familiar with these scenarios: That annoying bead of sweat that trickles down your forehead and stings your eye. That pesky fringe that sweeps into your eyes. That stray strand of hair that sticks to your face or flies into your mouth.

    These are just some of the exasperating things that can happen during your workout, disrupting your momentum and preventing you from having an incredible sweat sesh.

    To solve that issue, here are eight hair accessories you need to add to your gym bag to get your mane in order. Bonus: They are both functional and stylish.

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  • Nike Women’s NikeCourt AeroBill Featherlight, $35
    2 / 9 Nike Women’s NikeCourt AeroBill Featherlight, $35

    Whether you’re rocking on the tennis court or at the golf course, a handy visor can keep tresses out of your face while shielding you from harmful sun rays at the same time. This Nike visor is made with sweat-wicking, breathable fabric so that your sweat doesn’t roll down into your eyes.

    Available at Nike

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  • Adidas TreFoil baseball cap, $30
    3 / 9 Adidas TreFoil baseball cap, $30

    Don’t want to fuss with a proper hairdo before or after a sweaty gym workout? Throw on a snapback like this Adidas and it will hide your less than perfect mane. Plus, it gives you that sporty edge without trying too hard.

    Available at Adidas

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  • Under Armour Women’s UA run graphic headband, $19
    4 / 9 Under Armour Women’s UA run graphic headband, $19

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    If caps and visors are not your thing, then get a headband to slick your fringe back and keep it in place while you clock the miles on the treadmill or on the road. Plus this feminine purple shade adds just the right amount of colour without being too loud. Pair with a purple tank top of a similar shade and funky leggings to round up the look.

    Available at Under Armour

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  • Slip large scrunchies, $43
    5 / 9 Slip large scrunchies, $43

    Love them or hate them, scrunchies are undeniably comfortable on the scalp especially for those who are blessed with voluminous hair. And when you’re all spent out after a workout, the last thing you want to deal with is an aching scalp, trust us. These from Slip are made with silk which is even better, as they won’t create as much friction and damage when you take them off.

    Available at Sephora

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  • Silke London Hair Ties, $56
    6 / 9 Silke London Hair Ties, $56

    Another hair tie made with a silk exterior, we reckon that these will not only help keep your high ponytail in place as you do your HIIT, it will also look great as a flash of colour to your regular workout outfit. These Silke London hair ties are also available in black and champagne for those who prefer muted colours.

    Available at Sephora

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  • Invisibobble power hair tie, $11
    7 / 9 Invisibobble power hair tie, $11

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    These hair ties might look like the telephone coils from the past (remember corded phones?), but they are said to not leave a kink in your hair unlike regular elasticated hair ties. They are also known to not tangle, break or snag your hair, so you should use them on days when you don’t have time to blow-dry your locks between gym and work.

    Available at LookFantastic

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  • Justine Marjan x Kitsch classic rhinestone bobby pins, approx $68
    8 / 9 Justine Marjan x Kitsch classic rhinestone bobby pins, approx $68

    You know how you’re doing an intense workout but your fringe keeps flying and sticking onto your face and your mouth? Get rid of that maddening disturbance and keep your bangs in check with chic bejewelled bobby pins created by celebrity hairstylist (to stars including Kim Kardashian) Justine Marjan together with American hair accessories label Kitsch.

    Available at Kitsch

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  • Cult Gaia turband gauze headband, approx $62
    9 / 9 Cult Gaia turband gauze headband, approx $62

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    Featuring a flattering salmon-pink hue, this Cult Gaia headband adds a summery pop of colour so that you’ll look stylish as you do pilates without getting your hair in your face.

    Available at Net-a-Porter

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