Habits You Need To Ditch If You Want To Be Taken Seriously At Work

LIFESTYLE  |  February 20, 2018
  • Avoid being tardy
    1 / 4 Avoid being tardy

    While being late for work occasionally is perfectly fine, tardiness is a quality thats universally undesirable.

    If youre always late for work, were pretty certain that your superiors (or your co-workers, if youre a superior), don’t look at you with a lot of respect.

    After all, if you cant show up to work on time, how can anyone trust you with other tasks?

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  • Quit procrastinating
    2 / 4 Quit procrastinating

    Okay, we get it. We procrastinate sometimes too, but, if youre procrastinating to the point that it affects the way you work and spikes your stress levels, its a total no-no.

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  • Never lie (or push the blame)
    3 / 4 Never lie (or push the blame)

    The next time you make a mistake at work, just own up instead of trying to push the blame onto someone else or pretending like it wasnt your fault.

    Were sure your boss will appreciate you being honest and owning up to your mistakes. Plus, it bodes well for your reputation.

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  • It's not okay to burn bridges
    4 / 4 It's not okay to burn bridges

    If you think, “Whats the point of keeping in contact with these people? I wont need them again anyway!”. Youre wrong.

    Even if you might not see this person again, word can get out that the two of you dont get along and its just not worth risking your reputation over it.

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