15 Fashionable Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

by Sean Tham
LIFESTYLE  |  October 22, 2018
  •  These sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, they are also great when it comes to protecting your eyes from the glaring sun.
    1 / 16 These sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, they are also great when it comes to protecting your eyes from the glaring sun.

    Sunglasses can be a fun way to jazz up your overall outfit, but the best pieces serve a dual role besides being a fashion statement: They protect your peepers from sun damage as well. And with Singapore’s weather being notoriously hot at times, these babies will physically shield your skin and also prevent wrinkles that form from continuous squinting.

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    A tip: Make sure you get one that blocks 100% of UV rays, and go for over-sized and wraparound frames that offer more coverage for the soft tissue around your eyes. We’ve pulled together 15 options that tick all the right boxes. Trust us, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Linda Farrow, £470 (S$846)
    2 / 16 Linda Farrow, £470 (S$846)

    This pair of over-sized sunglasses will shade your eyes from the sun while you’re having an alfresco brunch with your girlfriends. The tortoiseshell frames add a nice vintage touch.

    Available via Net-a-Porter

    Photo: Linda Farrow

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  • Andy Wolf, £260 (S$467)
    3 / 16 Andy Wolf, £260 (S$467)

    Be adventurous and go with an octagon-frame acetate pair. Don’t stop there, go one up with this piece by Andy Wolf that’s in a eye-catching sunshine yellow hue.

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    Available via Net-a-Porter

    Photo: Andy Wolf

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  • Balenciaga, US$515 (S$698)
    4 / 16 Balenciaga, US$515 (S$698)

    The ’90s logomania trend is back, and Balenciaga is showing its support for it with this pair of shades. Sleek and understated, they work great as an everyday staple.

    Available via Moda Operandi

    Photo: Balenciaga

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  • Bvlgari, S$525
    5 / 16 Bvlgari, S$525

    With edgy hexagonal frames and snake scales motif, this dramatic pair of “Serpenteyes” sunglasses will certainly get people talking. Wear them with a white mini dress to your #vacay at Cancún, and shine.

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    Available here 

    Photo: Bvlgari

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  • Christian Dior, S$395
    6 / 16 Christian Dior, S$395

    These retro-style aviators have a modern touch because of their rounder frames. Rock them with a leather jacket, jeans and black booties combination.

    Available via Mytheresa

    Photo: Christian Dior

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  • Dries Van Noten, US$345 (S$467)
    7 / 16 Dries Van Noten, US$345 (S$467)

    Wear this playful pair of Dries Van Noten geometrical frames with a flowy patterned dress. Up the bold factor by going for a dress in geometrical patterns. Otherwise, one that has floral prints works too, for contrast.

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    Available via Moda Operandi

    Photo: Dries Van Noten

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  • Fendi, £300 (S$538)
    8 / 16 Fendi, £300 (S$538)

    Why stick with one colour when you can go with two? With a striking blue and burnt-orange hue, this Fendi pair would add a touch of style to your simple LBD and black heels combo.

    Available via Net-a-Porter

    Photo: Fendi

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  • Gentle Monster, US$260 (S$352)
    9 / 16 Gentle Monster, US$260 (S$352)

    Take #geekchic to a whole new level with this oval pair of sunglasses. The silver wire frames and green tinted lenses are 100% retro.

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    Available here 

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  • Gucci, US$1,085 (S$1,470)
    10 / 16 Gucci, US$1,085 (S$1,470)

    One word: Wow. Turn heads with this pair of over-sized shades that come with a mask-like shape and cherry-coloured lenses. Perfect accessory if you want to go as Bat Girl this Halloween.

    Available here 

    Photo: Gucci

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  • Karen Walker, S$317
    11 / 16 Karen Walker, S$317

    Offbeat sunglasses are our favourite, because they scream fun. We love to wear them with anything athleisure — a cerulean blue Adidas’ tracksuit with white sneakers would pair perfectly with these.

    Available via Luisaviaroma

    Photo: Karen Walker

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  • Le Specs, £75 (S$135)
    12 / 16 Le Specs, £75 (S$135)

    Boy will this pair make you look fierce! With a bold dash of blue and a futuristic design, go with this if you want to stand out.

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    Available via Net-a-Porter

    Photo: Le Specs

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  • Miu Miu, S$489
    13 / 16 Miu Miu, S$489

    These Matrix-style shades have been given a boost of glamour with the addition of glitter on its top rim. They’re so shiny, it hurts not to own them.

    Available via Mytheresa

    Photo: Miu Miu

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  • Oliver Peoples, S$435
    14 / 16 Oliver Peoples, S$435

    Get this pair if you want to inject a little fun to your look. The slender gold frames and pinkish tint lenses will make you look like a ’70s star.

    Available via Mytheresa

    Photo: Oliver Peoples

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  • Saint Laurent, S$690
    15 / 16 Saint Laurent, S$690

    A great way to prevent crow’s feet and sun spots is to adorn a pair of uber over-sized sunglasses. This pair from Saint Laurent will cover you perfectly.

    Available here 

    Photo: Saint Laurent

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  • Valentino, S$445
    16 / 16 Valentino, S$445

    Channel girly chic with this quirky pair of circular sunglasses that come in a bold red shade. Pair them with a floral mini dress and baby pink sneakers for a brunch date.

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    Available via Mytheresa

    Photo: Valentino

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