“Why I Enjoyed Being Pregnant Despite Suffering From Severe Morning Sickness”

by Deborah Lin
LIFESTYLE  |  August 13, 2017
  • The best bits of pregnancy will outshine the bad
    1 / 10 The best bits of pregnancy will outshine the bad

    I’ll be lying if I said I enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy. For both my pregnancies, I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (also known as severe morning sickness or “what the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton went through”), which landed me at the A&E on a drip for my first pregnancy, and flat out on my bed for a week during my second.

    There was a combined 17 months of going without caffeine, sashimi and medium rare steaks, ie excluding my cheat days and when I was breastfeeding. And the worst part was everyone came up to rub my belly.

    Still, I did love being pregnant, and here are nine reasons why.

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  • Pregnancy glow
    2 / 10 Pregnancy glow

    I didn’t have to doll myself up because my cheeks were naturally nice and rosy, my complexion was smooth and (mostly) oil-free, and my hair was glossy and bouncy.

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  • Body confidence
    3 / 10 Body confidence

    There were no “Do I look fat?” moments. My tummy was supposed to hang out, and my butt was given the liberty to be huge. I loved my new bod so much that I even did a maternity shoot in the semi-buff.
    (Granted, I did have “I LOOK SO FAT” moments on days the hormones went wild, but that made up five per cent of each pregnancy.)

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  • Light exercise
    4 / 10 Light exercise

    Instead of pushing myself to do one more set or sweating it out for a harder workout, I relished the easy pace of exercise. Note: Light exercise is recommended to boost energy levels and prepare the body for birth, but talk to your doctor before starting an exercise routine during pregnancy.

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  • Toilet breaks
    5 / 10 Toilet breaks

    You know how you always have to hold your pee in during an important meeting? My bulge was my ticket to going to the loo, no matter what the agenda, and no matter if it was more than once. All legit, of course.

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  • Getting first dibs on food and drinks
    6 / 10 Getting first dibs on food and drinks

    We always spend the first few minutes asking each other to tuck in, thanks to social graces, but there was no need to be shy or ‘paiseh’ when I started the buffet line during my pregnancies. And no one else minded either.

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  • Priority seats
    7 / 10 Priority seats

    I’ve heard stories of passengers pretending to sleep when a pregnant lady boards the MRT, but I always had a seat given up to me. Maybe I was lucky.

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  • Leg massages
    8 / 10 Leg massages

    My leg cramps started from my second trimesters and the sudden, searing pain in my calves got unbearable at times. My hubby would help ease the cramps by giving me leg massages at home. Of course, the massages lasted only as long as I was pregnant.

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  • The sex
    9 / 10 The sex

    Ooh, everything you’ve heard about pregnancy sex being better is true. Go on, get a room.

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  • Baby kicks
    10 / 10 Baby kicks

    Some mummies get all starry-eyed from seeing their baby during ultrasound scans. Truth be told, it did nothing for me, except the assurance that my bub was growing healthily. But when I felt the soft thumps progress to stronger kicks within my belly, I never tired of them. “Hello Baby,” I would say. “Can’t wait to see you soon!”

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