8 Bestselling Japanese Health And Beauty Products You Can Now Buy in Singapore

by Dawn Chen
LIFESTYLE  |  January 12, 2018
  • Stock up on these Japanese favourites
    1 / 9 Stock up on these Japanese favourites

    Anyone who’s been to Japan will tell you that their pharmacies and beauty stores are a must-visit. After all, you can definitely trust the Japanese to come up with fun and unique products with high efficacy. But if you aren’t planning a trip there anytime soon, fret not. Japanese drugstore Welcia-BHG has recently launched its flagship store at BHG Bugis, level one. The store will feature a range of over 7,000 health, beauty and wellness products that are mainly imported from Japan. Prices will also be kept as close as possible to the prices overseas so you don’t have to worry about mark-ups. Scroll through for some of the best-selling items you can get your hands on.

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    All photos: Welcia-BHG

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  • Dr Nail Deep Serum ($34.90)
    2 / 9 Dr Nail Deep Serum ($34.90)

    Restore dry and brittle nails with this nourishing serum that has active ingredients to deeply penetrate your nails and repair them from within.

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  • Hakubi White C Gel Skin Balancing Formula Gel ($39)
    3 / 9 Hakubi White C Gel Skin Balancing Formula Gel ($39)

    Bid goodbye to acne scars and pigmentation with this effective skin-brightening gel that boasts a high concentration of vitamin C as its key ingredient. Use this as a targeted treatment on spots and freckles to lighten their appearance for a more even complexion. This is also suitable for those with oily skin.

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  • Kowa Q&P Gold Plus ($15.80  -$36.70)
    4 / 9 Kowa Q&P Gold Plus ($15.80 -$36.70)

    Feeling tired all the time? You’re in luck: This is one of the most famous fatigue-relieving vitamins in Japan. It was launched in 1954 and still remains a best-selling supplement today. These are formulated with four main active ingredients – garlic, dong guai, huang qi and Siberian ginseng – and are suitable for those who have a weak constitution and lack energy.

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  • Yamamoto Oomugi Wakaba 100% Barley Grass Powder ($15.80 for 44 sachets)
    5 / 9 Yamamoto Oomugi Wakaba 100% Barley Grass Powder ($15.80 for 44 sachets)

    Made from green barley powder that’s known as “aojiru” or “green juice” in Japan, this natural supplement is great for relieving constipation as it’s high in fibre, vitamins and nutrients.

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  • Biore Body Wash ($9.90)
    6 / 9 Biore Body Wash ($9.90)

    Biore has been a favourite brand for skincare and cleansers for many years, and you can now give their body washes a try. Each is formulated with natural amino acids to lock in moisture and keep skin silky and supple. Available in three variants.

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  • Foot Patch ($29.80 each)
    7 / 9 Foot Patch ($29.80 each)

    These convenient patches give off a warming sensation when applied and help to keep feet fresh by absorbing excess moisture. It has a pleasant lavender smell to chase away nasty odours too.

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  • Deonatulle Soft Stone Deodorant ($14.80)
    8 / 9 Deonatulle Soft Stone Deodorant ($14.80)

    This anti-perspirant is made from naturally-occurring alum stone – a colourless and fragrance-free mineral salt that’s found in subterranean volcanic stones. It’s touted as one of the oldest known anti-perspirants and deodorants and effectively helps to rid odours and keep embarrassing sweat patches at bay.

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  • Suisai Beauty Clear Powder ($27 for 32 sachets)
    9 / 9 Suisai Beauty Clear Powder ($27 for 32 sachets)

    Hailed as the most popular drugstore enzyme powder cleanser in Japan, this has been a frequent favourite among tourists who have been known to stock up whenever they visit. This gentle cleanser helps to slough away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion.

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