6 Best Under Eye Concealers to Hide Dark Circles And Brighten Your Eyes

by Joyce Cheo
LIFESTYLE  |  September 25, 2018
  •  Are your all nighters giving you serious panda eyes? These concealers specially formulated to hide dark circles are here to the rescue.
    1 / 7 Are your all nighters giving you serious panda eyes? These concealers specially formulated to hide dark circles are here to the rescue.

    Spending long hours looking at the computer screen, catching up on all those Instagram posts, or getting less than eight hours of sleep a night can tire out eyes. Which is why many women are always on the lookout for that elusive eye cream that does it all. Look out for those that contain vitamins C and E and hyaluronic acid as they improve circulation, plump up the skin and increase skin elasticity so dark circles are less visible. When the skin around the eye area is thicker and not as fragile, that serves as a good base for concealers—which are a staple in every woman’s kit because they erase evidence of fatigue in one sweep.

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    To energise eyes, here are some quick do-it-yourself tips you can do at the office or in the comfort of your home. To reduce puffiness, leave a teaspoon (or two) in the fridge for an hour, then place the rounded portion on the eyes for 30 to 40 seconds. The cold sensation also helps to constrict the blood vessels to boost blood circulation and refresh the eye contours. For a fuss-free solution to relieve eye fatigue, press your fingers along three pressure points: near the bridge of the nose under the eyebrow, the highest point of your eyebrow and outer side of the eye socket, for 5 to 10 seconds each.

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    If you’ve got a big meeting or important date, here are the must-try concealers that will brighten eyes without sinking into fine lines and wrinkles:

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  • By Terry Touche Veloutée ($80)
    2 / 7 By Terry Touche Veloutée ($80)

    By Terry Touche Veloutée is infused with nourishing botanicals, hyaluronic acid plumping microspheres and soft-focus pigments to gives tired eyes a rested and illuminated look. Suitable for all skin types, the lightweight concealer blends easily into skin and also strengthens the fragile skin around the eyes with an antioxidant cocktail.

    Photo: By Terry

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  • Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo ($88)
    3 / 7 Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo ($88)

    Simply brush on a bit of this ultra-moisturising formula with light-reflecting pigments to have wide-awake eyes in an instant. Suitable for use on the eye area as well as for dark spots, its blend of brightening botanical extracts help minimise the appearance of age spots while a sugar-based oligo-polymer plumps the appearance fine lines and reduces the look of puffiness.

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    Photo: Chantecaille

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  • Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Corrector for Eyes ($90)
    4 / 7 Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Corrector for Eyes ($90)

    Treat your skin to this silky-smooth formula that hydrates skin while giving buildable coverage that lasts for eight hours. Best for those with dry skin around the delicate eye area, this concealer contains antioxidant ingredients to fight dullness and fine lines. Plus, it helps correct discolouration around the eyes as illuminating pearl pigments reflect light for an instant brightening effect.

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    Photo: Clé de Peau

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  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer ($42)
    5 / 7 IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer ($42)

    More than a concealer that offers high yet natural coverage, its creamy texture is easily blended and doesn’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting wear. Developed with leading plastic surgeons, it also contains anti-aging ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and Vitamins C and K for skincare benefits like plumper, brighter eye contours.

    Photo: IT Cosmetics

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  • RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer + Foundation ($45)
    6 / 7 RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer + Foundation ($45)

    Lightweight and hydrating, this skin-perfecting concealer made of coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and rosemary extract can be used on the eyes and face. With buildable coverage, the concealer melts into skin to cover imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores. RMS Beauty is also one of the most popular clean beauty brands as their products are formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates, while tested to be hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and non-comedogenic.

    Photo: RMS Beauty

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  • YSL Beauty Touche Eclat ($62)
    7 / 7 YSL Beauty Touche Eclat ($62)

    With a precise brush applicator perfect for easy on-the-go application, the Touche Éclat light-infused pigment formula gives skin a healthy and  luminous finish. Hyaluronic acid increases hydration and plumps skin while vitamin E antioxidants fight visible signs of fatigue. To conceal dark circles, start with a full coverage concealer, then use Touche Eclat on the inner corner of the eye and in the shadows underneath.

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    Photo: YSL

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