10 Fun Red Packets for Chinese New Year 2019

by Nicola Watson
LIFESTYLE  |  January 25, 2019
  • Bored of the usual plain red packets? Here’re some 2019 hong baos for a modern twist on the CNY tradition.
    1 / 11 Bored of the usual plain red packets? Here’re some 2019 hong baos for a modern twist on the CNY tradition.

    With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s time to get started on the yearly tradition – packing red packets for the little (and not so little) ones. While there are always plenty of options available, many brands and companies are coming up with unconventional designs that will capture the hearts of the receiver. From charming to posh to super cute, here are 10 fun red packet designs.

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    Photo: 123rf.com

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  • The Paper Bunny & Singapore Airlines KrisShop’s Atas Red Packets
    2 / 11 The Paper Bunny & Singapore Airlines KrisShop’s Atas Red Packets

    To impress your relatives, how about going for these super fancy limited edition red packets? The Paper Bunny has teamed up with Singapore Airlines KrisShop to produce exclusive red packets that look and feel pretty. Made of luxury fabric paper with gold foil and velvet detail, they sport the Singapore Airlines’ iconic batik.

    Where to buy: Available at www.krisshopair.com and in-flight with a minimum spend of $180

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    Photo: The Paper Bunny x Singapore Airlines

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  • CIMB Bank Singapore’s Eye-Catching “Red” Packets
    3 / 11 CIMB Bank Singapore’s Eye-Catching “Red” Packets

    No need to head towards red when you can go all in with a flashy turquoise and pink colour combination. Super pretty with a nod to tradition with the gold Chinese symbol overlay, you’d not expect these red packets to come from a corporate company. Josandi Thor, Head of Consumer Banking and Head of Marketing and Communications, CIMB Bank Singapore, said they “wanted to introduce some modern elements to the traditional motifs so often used every year”.

    Where to buy: In-store

    Photo: Cimb bank Singapore

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  • DBS' Nature-Themed Red Packets
    4 / 11 DBS' Nature-Themed Red Packets

    Crafted from environmentally-friendly paper, these cute packets from DBS Bank take inspiration from elements of earth and nature, including wood, flowers and forests. The packets come in vibrant and eye-catching hues of yellow and blue, with the traditional touch of a gold overlay. Not to mention the bank’s adorable children mascots Xing and Jaan, which lend themselves perfectly to CNY.

    Where to buy: In-store for customers collecting or withdrawing new notes

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    Photo: Dbs Bank

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  • HuatAllready’s Singlish Festive Red Packets
    5 / 11 HuatAllready’s Singlish Festive Red Packets

    For a cheeky take on traditional red packets, Singlish Mamashop has come up with these HuatAllready Singlish red packets. With the inner side also printed, these red packets will appeal to all millennials wanting to add some humour to the festivities. Not a single pig motif, Chinese sign or gold embroidery in sight, yay.

    Where to buy: Available at www.naiise.com at $7 for three

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    Photo: Naiise

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  • Bao Ga Liao’s “Every Year Also Can” Red Packets
    6 / 11 Bao Ga Liao’s “Every Year Also Can” Red Packets

    For some mischief, why not get Tuber Production’s Bao Ga Liao red packets — or should we say yellow packets? The inspiration — the cat. Why? Apparently it is sad, because there’s no place for it on the zodiac. Well, they’ve found a spot for it, right on the front of the red packets. The great thing about these packets is that you can use them no matter which animal reigns that year. There’s also a bonus one for situations when you’ve met a child you don’t know.

    Where to buy: Available atwww.naiise.com at $6.80 for five

    Photo: Naiise

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  • Kapok’s Prosperous Pig Red Packets
    7 / 11 Kapok’s Prosperous Pig Red Packets

    In Chinese culture, circles are a positive emblem, representing ‘complete and fulfilled’. Kapok decided to intertwine both the motif of the pig and the circle to deliver square red packets with a cute chubby red pig on it. And who doesn’t love a chubby pig? The packets are crafted to fit together too, making a ‘full pig’ across the red packets, or solo with piggy’s face on the front and his curly golden tail on the back. What a clever design!

    Where to buy: In-store with a minimum spend of $150 or $6 for a pack of 10

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    Photo: Kapok

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  • Uniqlo’s Fun Origami Red Packets
    8 / 11 Uniqlo’s Fun Origami Red Packets

    Into your fashion? Instead of traditional CNY icons, Uniqlo’s red packets have been given a unique twist, and feature clothing and fabric design elements (like zippers). This is to pay homage to their LifeWear. The printed Chinese phrase at the front of the packet translates to style, abundance and quality clothes — a reference to the brand’s premium quality clothes and the variety of styles available this lunar festive period. On the back? An origami design, showcasing Uniqlo’s identity and heritage as a Japanese company.

    Where to buy: In-store, no minimum spend required

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    Photo: Uniqlo

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  • Food Republic’s Fabric Red Packets
    9 / 11 Food Republic’s Fabric Red Packets

    This year, Food Republic has teamed up with special needs artisans from Personalisedlove.com to design a classic, Oriental Fabric Ang Pao Pouch. These are a fantastic take on the CNY tradition — to gift to your loved ones, or to store all your red packets in. So not only are you supporting a good cause, you’ve got something that lasts too. They also make a great clutch for any CNY outfit, so it’s a triple win.

    Where to buy: In-store with a minimum spend of $10

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    Photo: Food Republic

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  • JD Sport’s Oriental Red Packets
    10 / 11 JD Sport’s Oriental Red Packets

    Out of the bunch, these are the more traditional looking red packets, sporting the iconic lion head and Chinese lantern motifs, along with bamboo stalks. But English words like “Happiness”, “Health” and “Undisputed King Of Trainers” add a quirky, contemporary twist to this red packet. Suitable for both young and old!

    Where to buy: In-store with a minimum spend of $150

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    Photo: Jd Sport

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  • Love Bonito’s Red Packets
    11 / 11 Love Bonito’s Red Packets

    With the brand’s signature sophistication, fashion label Love, Bonito’s red packets this year offer a choice of three colours and designs. One is pretty classic with red and gold, but the other two deliver a feminine delicate colour palette of pastel pink with splashes of blue and green.  The print is actually taken from the Festive Collection dress designs, so if you turn up to see your relatives in a matching dress, you’ll look like you’ve totally got your entire life sorted.

    Where to buy: Available at www.lovebonito.com with any purchase until January 23 and in-store with any purchase

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    Photo: Love Bonito

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