7 Beauty Resolutions Active Girls Must Follow For Glowing Skin

by Dawn Chen
LIFESTYLE  |  January 04, 2018
  • May your complexion always be blemish-free and healthy
    1 / 8 May your complexion always be blemish-free and healthy

    Make 2018 your year to shine! And no, we’re not talking about oily and greasy skin. Instead, go forth and get the dewy, healthy glow you’ve always wanted. Just follow these easy beauty resolutions that are tailor-made for fellow fit girls. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it.

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  • Always use sunscreen
    2 / 8 Always use sunscreen

    I’ll be the first to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen. On one hand, I’m well aware of how important it is, not just to prevent the signs of premature ageing like pigmentation and wrinkles, but also to ultimately protect my skin against skin cancer. Yet I’m not as diligent in applying and re-applying sunscreen as I should be. I still leave the house without sunscreen on my body. I only reapply sunscreen on my face when I remember.

    To make this resolution easier to follow, invest in a sunscreen product that you don’t mind using. For me, that means keeping a sunscreen spray like the DrGL Sun Protection Mist ($88, Sephora) on my desk so that I can touch-up my SPF before heading for lunch.

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  • Don’t work out in makeup
    3 / 8 Don’t work out in makeup

    There’s nothing more suffocating for your skin than exercising in foundation. No matter how non-comedogenic the formula, it’s still a recipe for breakouts and acne. Your pores naturally open a little bigger when you’re sweating so you risk getting them clogged when makeup gets pushed in. Clean your skin before hitting the gym with these super convenient makeup-removing wipes.

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  • Use a face mask more often
    4 / 8 Use a face mask more often

    One of the side effects of being an active girl is that your skin probably goes through more stress (think UV damage from running outdoors or post-workout skin inflammation). Give it the love and pampering it deserves by starting a masking routine.

    If you’re new to masking, start by buying two types of face masks – one for hydrating and one for deep cleansing – and use them twice a week. It’s a small step to take for a big payoff in your complexion. Speaking from experience here since it’s no secret that I’m a huge face mask addict – I’ve actually been using a face mask every single day for the last four years!

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  • Shower as soon as you can
    5 / 8 Shower as soon as you can

    Post-workout, don’t dilly-dally when it comes to bathing. Once you’ve cooled down, make a beeline for the showers and thoroughly wash off all that sweat and grime. Failure to do so just means that you’re stewing in your own dirt and perspiration for longer. This can aggravate skin conditions like eczema or rosacea and even trigger sweat sensitivities.

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  • Keep skin moisturised
    6 / 8 Keep skin moisturised

    If you’re hitting the gym before work or during lunch time, chances are that you’re also showering more times a day than you’d normally would. Frequent showers can lead to dry skin if you don’t hydrate after – your skin is actually driest after a bath! Keep a bottle of multi-purpose oil on hand that you can use from head to toe if you don’t want to pack along separate moisturisers. We like Bio-oil (from $15.50, Watsons) for its lightweight texture.

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  • Exfoliate regularly
    7 / 8 Exfoliate regularly

    Prevent acne and bacne (back acne) by exfoliating skin at least once a week. I usually do this on days I have really sweaty workouts (think HIIT or an evening run). Regular exfoliation helps to remove the build-up of dead skin cells so that your complexion can glow. If you’ve got more sensitive skin, use a non-abrasive peel like Porcelain Revive, Natural Skin Refiner ($98, shopporcelain.com) that contains natural enzymes to break down and soften skin.

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  • Bonus: Pamper your hair and scalp too
    8 / 8 Bonus: Pamper your hair and scalp too

    If you’re pulling your hair into a high ponytail whenever you work out, it’s time to give your tresses a break. Sticking to the same hairstyle causes breakage over time, especially since your hair ties are likely to be tied on tight. Alternate your ’do the next time you go for a workout. Braids, low ponytails and buns are all good options to keep your hair out of your eyes.

    After a sweat sesh, be sure to thoroughly wash off all the sweat and oil from your scalp and hair too. Don’t skip shampoo and conditioner – using plain water to wash your hair isn’t going to properly cleanse it and will just make your strands more brittle in the long run.

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