8 Beauty Habits You Need to Keep For Healthy Skin and Hair

by Ng Mei Yan
LIFESTYLE  |  December 12, 2018
  • Be a glow getter
    1 / 9 Be a glow getter

    When life gets busy, it’s easy to let things slide. Things like using an ancient mascara found at the bottom of your makeup pouch, sleeping with makeup still on, popping your pimples… and the list goes on. While they may seem harmless, these everyday habits can determine the health of your skin and hair over time.

    Want to maintain your glow? Then it’s time to incorporate these beauty habits into your routine right now.

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  • Throw out expired products
    2 / 9 Throw out expired products

    Old, forgotten, half-used products make perfect breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause breakouts and eye infections. Toss fluid formulas that have changed in colour or smell; and mascaras and liquid eyeliners are good for up to six months once opened. Powder-based products like blush, lipsticks and gloss can last two to three years.

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  • Clean your makeup brushes
    3 / 9 Clean your makeup brushes

    Not only do unwashed makeup brushes transfer germs to your skin, they become stiff and difficult to use with product build-up. At least once a month, clean your brushes with baby shampoo and warm water. Try to keep the metal base away from water or hair bristles may loosen and fall off.

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  • Wash your face at the gym
    4 / 9 Wash your face at the gym

    A clear complexion begins with good hygiene. After a sweaty workout sesh, your hands and face will have picked up nasty germs from equipment or the mat. No matter how tempting it is to just pick up your bags and go, it pays to spend the extra two minutes at the sink. A handy mess-free cleanser pack in your gym bag: Suisai Beauty Clear Powder ($27 for a pack of 32, Lazada), a gentle cleansing powder that comes in individual capsules.

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  • Don’t skip moisturiser
    5 / 9 Don’t skip moisturiser

    Even oily skin types need a good hydrator. Over time, dry parched skin will give way to early wrinkles and blotchiness. Good options include: Curel Aging Care Gel-Cream ($46.80, Watsons), a ceramides-packed formula that spreads like a lightweight serum; and Eversoft Skinz Hydra Moisturising Emulsion ($43.90, personal care stores), a blend of nutrients-filled bamboo extract water from Korea, argan oil and other plant ingredients.

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  • Rinse your hair in cold water
    6 / 9 Rinse your hair in cold water

    The lower temperature will seal off cuticles and give your hair a natural shine, sans costly salon treatments. Double up the effect with a rich hair treatment like Bioliss Botanical Conditioner (Extra Damage Repair)($16.90, Don Don Donki), which nourishes with cold-pressed nut oils and other essential oils.

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  • Swim with wet hair
    7 / 9 Swim with wet hair

    Wet your locks with tap water before jumping into the pool. This way, it’ll be harder for hair to soak up damaging chemicals. Also, remember to wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo right after coming up.

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  • Use sunscreen every day
    8 / 9 Use sunscreen every day

    This is an oldie but a goodie. Gone are the days when sunscreens were thick and pore-clogging and left a white sheen on skin. Formulas these days are light and smell great to boot. To bundle coverage with sun protection, try It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ ($62, Sephora), which also hydrates and conceals pores beautifully. Another option we love is Sigi Skin Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen ($58, sigiskin.com), a vegan formula that contains anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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  • Embrace skincare oils
    9 / 9 Embrace skincare oils

    There’s nothing scary about putting oil on your face, even if you have oily skin type. Using a facial oil can help prevent moisture loss, nourish the skin and even reduce your sebum production. The trick is to find an easily absorbed, lightweight product that doesn’t make your face look like an oil slick. A good one to try: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil ($80, Clarins website), boasting rosemary, geranium and lotus oils to tighten pores and purify skin.

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