9 Ways to Calm Down If You’re Super Stressed At Work

LIFESTYLE  |  June 06, 2017
  • Listen to music
    1 / 9 Listen to music

    According to research from Stanford University School of Medicine, listening to music actually engages the area of your brain that’s needed for paying attention and making predictions. Participants in the study listened to short symphonies, but feel free to choose whatever works for you. When I need to get in the zone and focus, I always put on gaming music. Music and soundtracks from video games are specifically designed to help you concentrate without being distracting. They also usually don’t have lyrics, which works well for me when I’m writing. Listening to music you like also makes you happy and lifts your mood. Win-win! 

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  • Count your blessings
    2 / 9 Count your blessings

    When you’ve just gotten called out in the office, being thankful is probably the last thing on your mind. But try your best to let go off the negativity and list down all the things you’re truly thankful for instead. This simple act of practising gratitude can spark a perspective shift in you. Hey, at least you have a job, right? And you’re physically well and able to earn a living for yourself? Boom, you’re already a lot more blessed than many others out there. (Also Read: 10 Things You Should Do Every Weekend So That You Start The Week Refreshed)

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  • Give yourself a massage
    3 / 9 Give yourself a massage

    You can’t just walk out of your office and head to the spa, but you can ease out knots at your desk. Even giving yourself a simple hand massage aids in relaxation, says a study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation. Squeeze out some of your favourite hand cream and slowly knead your palms to release tension. Take deep breaths while you’re at it. 

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  • Stretch it out
    4 / 9 Stretch it out

    Are your shoulders aching from tensing up and hunching over your desk all day? Give yourself a break and do a couple of shoulder rolls or neck stretches. You could also interlock your fingers behind your back and push away to stretch your back and open your chest. (Also Read: Easy Yoga Stretches For Sedentary People)

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  • Find a friend
    5 / 9 Find a friend

    Sometimes, you just need a listening ear – that’s what office BFFs are for! Grab your pal and head outside for a quick walk together if you need to let off some steam. The brief few minutes of physical activity will also make you feel better. Can’t leave your desk? No worries, that’s what Whatsapp or Gchat is for. 

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  • Try some aromatherapy
    6 / 9 Try some aromatherapy

    Keep a bottle of your favourite calming essential oil on your desk – I like lavender and peppermint – and drip a few drops onto your palm or pulse points and deeply inhale. Let the soothing scent melt away any stress or tension that you feel. (Also Read: 6 Natural Home Remedies For Headaches)

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  • Take a break
    7 / 9 Take a break

    Laughing out loud is a great stress killer. Bookmark your favourite humour sites or Instagram accounts (9gag, anyone?) and allow yourself a quick scroll if you need a breather. Studies have shown that brief mental breaks and distractions can actually help improve your ability to focus on your task over a prolonged period. You’ll reach a point of mental fatigue sooner if you force yourself to plough on when you’re already feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. 

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  • Daydream
    8 / 9 Daydream

    Get through a long day by allowing your mind to wander. On tough days, just thinking about what you’re doing for dinner or where you’re going for your next holiday can be just the secret to pulling through. You can even keep a little mood board at your desk to motivate and remind yourself of your goals. At the very least, it definitely helps to know you’re working towards something!

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  • Pack your desk
    9 / 9 Pack your desk

    Start packing your desk – as in, because it’s messy, not because you’ve quit. Stacks of files, papers and folders can all contribute to your rising sense of panic. Getting organised will not only help you feel more in control, but throwing out unnecessary clutter can also be therapeutic and liberating. 

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