9 Skincare Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than You Really Are

by Claudia Tan
LIFESTYLE  |  February 15, 2018
  • Stay youthful by putting an end to these mistakes.
    1 / 10 Stay youthful by putting an end to these mistakes.

    Making sure your complexion stays radiant and supple takes a lot more than simply piling on skincare products. Find out if you are guilty of these nine skincare slip-ups and rectify them before your skin loses its glow and your wrinkles start to show!

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  •  Leaving your makeup on for too long
    2 / 10 Leaving your makeup on for too long

    You should strive to remove your makeup as soon as your day ends. You may think it is no big deal leaving your makeup on for a couple more hours while you laze on your couch at home, but leaving your makeup to sit for longer than it should will clog and congest your pores. By minimising the time you have your makeup on, you are giving your skin more time to renew and repair itself.

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  • Skipping sunblock
    3 / 10 Skipping sunblock

    Rain or shine, never give the SPF a miss. Unprotected exposure to the sun might lead to sun spots, ageing skin and wrinkles. Even when it is cloudy, UV rays are able to reach and penetrate your skin to cause some serious damage. So put on some sunblock of SPF30 and PA+++ or higher to protect yourself from both UVB and UVA rays.

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  •  Neglecting your neck
    4 / 10 Neglecting your neck

    Show your neck some love too! Your beauty routine should extend to your neck. The skin on your neck is delicate and thin, but it is also prone to sagging and wrinkles. Don’t worry, you don’t need to splurge on special neck cream, the products you use for your face will work on your neck well. Use the same skincare routine for your face and neck unless you are addressing specific skin problems like acne.

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  • Not applying products in the right order
    5 / 10 Not applying products in the right order

    As a general rule of thumb, apply water-based products like serums and essences before heavier, cream-based ones like moisturiser. This ensures that products with thicker consistencies will not block those with lighter consistencies. In order to let your mien absorb all the goodness from your skincare, be sure to wait till each product has been mostly absorbed before applying the next product in your regime.

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  • Not exfoliating
    6 / 10 Not exfoliating

    Exfoliating will slough away dead skin cells to make way for new ones on your skin’s surface. It will also unclog pores to stimulate collagen and elastin production to prevent saggy skin and smoothen fine lines. Start exfoliating with these six gentle exfoliating products for clear and glowing skin.

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  • Washing your face with hot water
    7 / 10 Washing your face with hot water

    Doing so might strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to a drier complexion. It will also slow down the production of collagen and sebum, which are essential to maintain the moisture levels in your skin.

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  • Not drinking enough water
    8 / 10 Not drinking enough water

    Water is essential to maintain moisture in your body and to keep your skin plump and hydrated. When your body is dehydrated, your skin will become dry, flaky and wrinkled, leading to premature ageing. Make an effort to drink six to eight glasses a day to maintain your skin’s moisture levels. Alternatively, check out these eight face mists for a quick way to hydrate your skin on the go.

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  • Not being gentle with your skin
    9 / 10 Not being gentle with your skin

    Handle your skin with care. Excessive tugging and rubbing will affect the elasticity of your skin. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubs might cause your skin to become more susceptible to infections and dehydration. For your skin to be firm and supple, apply products on your face gently. Learn from the Koreans who love patting in their skincare gently rather than rubbing it on.

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  • Lack of sleep
    10 / 10 Lack of sleep

    Needless to mention, sleep is the perfect remedy for many things, including ageing skin. Not convinced? A study by the Department of Clinical Neuroscience in Sweden revealed that sleep-deprived individuals were perceived to have paler skin, darker circles under the eyes and more wrinkles and fine lines. So don’t skimp on beauty sleep!

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