9 Best DIY Colour Kits to Dye Your Hair at Home

by Melissa Chew
LIFESTYLE  |  January 21, 2018
  • Get your hair ready for the new year ahead
    1 / 10 Get your hair ready for the new year ahead

    Yes, D.I.Y is totally a viable option… if you know the right formula to pick. Hair dye jobs can cost hundreds of dollars in a salon. If you’re not going for the bleached colours and bright pinks, greens, blues, those sort of hues, an at-home colour kit is a good, cheap alternative.

    Scroll through our gallery to find the best ones for your hair’s needs.

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    Photo: 123rf.com

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  • Easiest hair dye to use
    2 / 10 Easiest hair dye to use

    Liese Bubble Hair Colour, $19.90, from Watsons or Guardian.

    This dispenses from the bottle as a bubbly foam colourant, which you spread onto your hair with gloved hands. You don’t even really need to section your hair as the bubbles can be massaged in. When the foam is all dispensed on, it holds hair up pretty well without any hair clips. Liese also launches new, limited edition colours yearly (like the one pictured here) so you won’t run out of options.

    Photo: Liese

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  • Natural-looking and smells somewhat pleasent
    3 / 10 Natural-looking and smells somewhat pleasent

    Color Soin Hair Colour, $24.90, from Guardian.

    This paraben- and silicone-free formula smells pleasent compared to the ammonia-laden types, and the colour payoff is natural and shiny.

    Photo: Guardian

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  • All-natural formula
    4 / 10 All-natural formula

    Phyto Phytocolor Permanent Hair Color With Botanical Pigments, $39.90, from Redmart.

    This brand is all about natural ingredients and botanical ingredients so it’s the safest for sensitive scalps. But that said, like with any other hair colourant out there, do a patch test just to be safe.

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    Photo: Phyto

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  • Most fuss-free colourant
    5 / 10 Most fuss-free colourant

    Cielo Cream Hair Color, $17.90, from Watsons Or Guardian.

    There’s no pouring or mixing involved with this simple kit. You just dispense the cream right from the tube onto the brush provided and comb it onto your hair.

    Photo: Cielo

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  • Best tangle-free hair dye
    6 / 10 Best tangle-free hair dye

    Garnier Colour Naturals Hair Colour, $9.90, from Guardian.

    This dye will keep your tresses silky and smooth. No wonder because it is packed with olive oil, to condition hair as it colours.

    Photo: Garnier

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  • Best grey hair coverage & can be stored
    7 / 10 Best grey hair coverage & can be stored

    Bigen Speedy Hair Colour Conditioner, $14.90, from Guardian.

    This covers grey hair in as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of the colour you pick, no need to wait 30 to 45 minutes. And the best part? You can store the remainder for use another time.

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    Photo: Bigen

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  • Most hair-loving colour
    8 / 10 Most hair-loving colour

    Bionike Shine On Hair Colouring Treatment, $39.90, from Guardian.

    This is one of the priciest colour kits available but is ammonia-free and doesn’t have that strong rancid smell.

    Photo: Bionike

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  • Most value for money
    9 / 10 Most value for money

    Revlon Colorsilk Hair Colour, $9.90, from Watsons & Guardian.

    This basic, no-frills colour kit is the most affordable we could find.
    Photo: Guardian

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  • Best for damaged, dry hair
    10 / 10 Best for damaged, dry hair

    L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme, $19.90, from Watsons Or Guardian.

    This comes with a special pre-serum which you apply on your hair before the dye goes on. This helps to protect hair from chemical damage so it’s softer and smoother after colouring.

    Photo: L’Oreal

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