8 Singapore-Inspired Products Worth Buying This National Day

by Benson Ang
LIFESTYLE  |  August 08, 2017
  • Fifty-two deck of playing cards
    1 / 8 Fifty-two deck of playing cards

    $20, available at stores such as The Farm Store, Actually and Naiise, and through fifty-two’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/fiftytwosg)

    This deck of 52 playing cards features an illustration of a Singapore icon on each card, such as HDB flats, Gardens by the Bay and an ERP gantry. Favourite local foods, such as chicken rice, chilli crab and White Rabbit candy are also among the designs. The late founding Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew is the ace of spades, while blogger Amos Yee and former Singapore Idol contestant Steven Lim are on the joker cards.

    The deck was created by local social media agency Protocol.

    Its managing director Kelvin Kao, 36, says the inspiration “comes from a place of deep, abiding love of all things weird and wonderful about Singapore”.

    He adds: “It embraces the entire spectrum of who we are and what we have grown to become.”

    Photo: Protocol

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  • Singapura x Hello Kitty commemorative gold piece
    2 / 8 Singapura x Hello Kitty commemorative gold piece

    $520, available at Poh Heng stores

    This limited-edition 22K yellow gold commemorative piece is shaped like the island of Singapore, with an image of Hello Kitty embossed on it.

    Only 100 pieces are on sale, and it is a collaboration between local jewellery business Poh Heng and Japanese company Sanrio.

    Poh Heng’s marketing and communications manager Pamela Seow, 35, says: “Hello Kitty is an emblem of friendship and encourages forging friendships across ages, races, genders and continents.

    “The six flowers embossed on it represent the symbolic crescent moon and white stars on the national flag, embodying all that Singapore stands for – democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.”

    Photo: Poh Heng

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  • Merlion mystery faces plushie
    3 / 8 Merlion mystery faces plushie

    $24.90, available from local brand Red Republic’s website (redrepublic.sg)

    A spin-off of the Merlion ChouChou plushie launched in 2015, this set of 12 plushies features the famous Singapore icon with new expressions. ChouChou is a Chinese term that refers to a beloved bolster or pillow.

    One plushie is Smitten, with hearts in the place of eyes. Another is Shady, donning sunglasses with a smirk. The plushies were designed by local firm Stuck Design.

    Mr Donn Koh, 34, one of Stuck’s founding design principals, says: “The purpose of the original design was to transform the Merlion into a warm and approachable character. Hopefully, the new expressions make the Merlion ChouChou even more relatable and personable.”

    Photo: Red Republic

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  • Merlion diamond and white gold pendant
    4 / 8 Merlion diamond and white gold pendant

    $238, available at all Citigems boutiques and citigems.com.sg

    Part of a limited-edition collection to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday, this Citigems pendant is crafted in white gold.

    Citigems spokesman Jeanne Koh says: “The Merlion is a well-known icon of Singapore, familiar to tourists and locals.

    “By turning it into a collectable, tourists can take home a memory of Singapore, while Singaporeans have a unique piece of jewellery to give to their friends abroad.”

    Photo: Citigems

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  • Dancing kueh dropwaist high-low dress
    5 / 8 Dancing kueh dropwaist high-low dress

    $179, available on the website of local fashion retailer Soon Lee (www.soonlee.sg)

    Highlighting laid-back Singaporean style, this dress is from a new cotton linen series designed by the team at Soon Lee in collaboration with home and lifestyle brand Onlewo.

    It features a “Dancing Kueh” print made up of seven different types of kueh, such as kueh tutu, kueh dada and ondeh ondeh. Also in the collection is a sleeved blouse ($109) and sleeveless blouse ($129).

    One of the fashion designers behind the collection, Ms Sharon Cher, 37, says: “The collection’s swingy, glamorously voluminous shapes convey the Singaporean millennial woman’s spirited character.

    “We want to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd year of independence with something 100 per cent Singaporean – all heart and all kueh.”

    Photo: Amirul Asyraf

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  • Singapore cable car magnet pin
    6 / 8 Singapore cable car magnet pin

    $5.20, available at One Faber Group’s retail outlets, such as the Fun Shops in Sentosa, and the cable car gift shops at Faber Peak and Imbiah Lookout

    The pin, in the shape of the Singapore Cable Car, carries elements of the country’s flag, such as a crescent moon and five stars.

    It is a collaboration between One Faber Group, which runs lifestyle services and attractions, and local design company Xcapist.

    The pin’s designer Norparissah Abdol Hamid, 37, who goes by the name Paris, says: “Before most other Singapore icons existed, the cable car was the one icon tourists and Singaporeans could relate to.With my design, I hope that people will remember these fond memories and be proud of our nation’s progress and effort in being a safe country.”

    Photo: One Faber Group

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  • Sunshine wholemeal cream buns
    7 / 8 Sunshine wholemeal cream buns

    $1, available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts until Aug 31.

    Home-grown bread manufacturer Sunshine Bakeries has created commemorative designs for its wholemeal cream bun range in celebration of Singapore’s 52nd birthday.

    Four packs – butter sugar, cookies and cream, chocolate and strawberry – have been revamped to feature graphics depicting participants of the National Day marching contingent.

    The firm’s brand manager Wong Lian Hwa, 35, says: “Sunshine has been sponsoring more than 100,000 cream buns annually at the parade and rehearsals. This year, it is also showing support for the National Day Parade by introducing graphics of the marching contingent.”

    Photo: Sunshine Bakeries

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  • Ice cream wafer cushion
    8 / 8 Ice cream wafer cushion

    $29.90, available on Meykrs website (www.meykrsstore.com)

    These cushions – which come in raspberry swirl (above) or peppermint chocolate “flavours” – are the latest designs from local design label Meykrs.

    The designer, Mr Jonathan Hee, 30, says: “Ice-cream uncles are pioneer generation entrepreneurs and probably the most common representation of local street food culture today.

    “This National Day, we thought it would be nice to show our appreciation for them and their colourful, delectable treats by having a huge cushion version, which you can decorate your home with.”

    Photo: Myekrs

    A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times on July 30, 2017, with the headline ‘Gear up for National Day’.

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