8 Easy Ways to Drastically Cut Down Your Expenses

by Atika Lim
LIFESTYLE  |  January 12, 2018
  • Unsubscribe from cable TV momentarily
    1 / 8 Unsubscribe from cable TV momentarily

    Cutting out on cable TV can save you so much money. Especially when youre strapped for cash during the month.

    After all, when youre working from 9am to 6pm for majority of the week, you probably dont have much time to watch TV on week nights any way, right?

    Even if youre bored, there are plenty of shows worth watching on YouTube, from short documentaries by verified accounts like Vice to hilarious food programmes by Buzzfeed.

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  •  Sign up for Spotify and Netflix with friends
    2 / 8 Sign up for Spotify and Netflix with friends

    Sharing Spotify and Netflix accounts with friends or family can really help cheapen the cost of a subscription fee.

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  • Consider your spending habits
    3 / 8 Consider your spending habits

    Having little to no money forces you to reflect on the way you’re spending money.

    For example, instead of getting a $25 eyebrow wax, should you perhaps pluck your own eyebrows? If you know that youre short on money this month, quit spending frivolously and use the time to identify how you can cut back on certain expenditures.

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  • Always visit the discount aisle at grocery stores
    4 / 8 Always visit the discount aisle at grocery stores

    Certain grocery stores like Cold Storage have a reduce to clear rack that could have plenty of grocery items at more affordable prices.

    Alternatively, check the newspapers for advertisement by grocery stores. These advertisements sometimes tells you the food items on sale.

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  • Walk
    5 / 8 Walk

    These days, the weather in Singapore isnt all too bad so take advantage of this and walk to your destination if its nearby. A bus ride might cost just over a dollar but every dollar adds up right?

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  • Always use promo codes on Grab and Uber
    6 / 8 Always use promo codes on Grab and Uber

    I dont know about you but, I refuse to book an Uber or Grab if there isnt a promo code for it. Promo codes on these transportation apps are great. Sometimes you can get a ride for $0 so I think, why not?

    That said, if you really need to get to your destination but dont have a promo code for it, reach out to your colleagues or friends who might have them and ask if they could help you book and pay them back after. Itll help you save more. Plus, if its a Grab, your friend benefits from the points your ride gets them. Just remember to return the favour the next time your friend is in need.

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  • Stop window shopping both online and in real life
    7 / 8 Stop window shopping both online and in real life

    Whenever Ive paid my bills, the last thing I feel like doing is heading outside and window shopping.

    Not having enough money for the month is already tough. Dont make it harder on yourself by heading out and looking at clothes and things you wish you could afford.

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  • Cut down on meeting your friends
    8 / 8 Cut down on meeting your friends

    When I’ve got a budget to stick to for the month, I cut down on seeing my friends and catching up with them over expensive dinners at the start or the middle of the month. I’ll let them know that I’m busy and try to reschedule with them closer to my pay day instead. This way, I don’t feel the burn as much.

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