8 Easy Resolutions to Make For a Happier And More Fulfilling Year Ahead

by Balvinder Sandhu
LIFESTYLE  |  January 05, 2018
  • New year, new you
    1 / 9 New year, new you

    New year’s resolutions doesn’t always have to involve making drastic changes. Sure, it’s fine to aim to lose 10kg or to quit a bad habit but, sometimes, all you need to do to improve your life is to take baby steps. And, since it’s the new year, it’s the perfect time to make these small changes that will improve your life in a big way. Here are eight new year’s resolutions to make for 2018.

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  • Live in the present
    2 / 9 Live in the present

    Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about our past or stressing about our future – or doing both. That doesn’t do anyone any good so get rid of all the baggage and anxiety and live in the now. Pay attention to the little things in your life and cherish them, instead of complaining about what you don’t have. When you choose to be present in the moment, you’ll fully appreciate life and everything you have. You’ll feel more fulfilled and happier too so start by making this your mission for the year.

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  • Clear your debts
    3 / 9 Clear your debts

    Whether it’s your credit card debt or a loan you took to attend university overseas, aim to at least lower the amount of money you owe anyone (and everyone!) in 2018. Cut down on unnecessary expenses such as fancy coffees and posh dinners and you’ll be able to set aside more money when you get paid each month. Then pay extra into your credit cards/loans and you’ll feel a sense of personal accomplishment and fulfilment – and be less stressed too.

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  • Declutter
    4 / 9 Declutter

    We don’t just mean physically clean up your home and your workspace; you should declutter your life too. Start with the people in your life – there’s bound to be some who don’t deserve as much time from you as you currently give them. Ditch those who only get in touch when they need something. And that friend who only hangs out with you when she’s single and you never hear a squeak from her when she’s coupled up? Dump her already. You’ll lead a more fulfilling life when you don’t have to wonder why so-and-so hasn’t contacted you for a while or if you keep being rejected by people who only choose to see you when it suits them.

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  • Stop comparing yourself to others
    5 / 9 Stop comparing yourself to others

    Keeping up with the Joneses puts a lot of unnecessary stress on everyone involved. Stop trying to be like your older cousin who is the apple of the family’s eye, or that friend who constantly posts on social media about her wonderful life. It’s great to aspire to be like someone else of course but when you use someone else’s life as a benchmark to gauge how happy or successful you are, that’s dangerous. Live your life the way you want to and decide for yourself how fulfilled you are, without comparison with anyone else.

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  • Get healthy
    6 / 9 Get healthy

    You don’t have to sign up for classes for the latest fitness craze to hit town or even go on that fad diet that ‘guarantees’ quick results. In fact, you don’t even have to join a gym! Just make healthier choices in your daily life and it’ll go a long way in improving your overall health. For example, don’t order that extra cocktail on your ladies nights out, get off the bus a stop before your home/office and walk the rest of the way, and turn down invitations to buffet dinners because you know you’ll overeat and regret it later. Simple, small steps are all you need to improve your life and that true health-wise too.

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  • Try something new
    7 / 9 Try something new

    You could try bungee jumping or sample a new cuisine. Whether you choose to face a fear or just be more adventurous, challenging yourself is a way to make life more interesting and fulfilling in a way that doesn’t require much effort. Why not try it with a friend or a group of friends so you can all encourage each other? Plus, there’s always safety in numbers, right?

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  • Look after yourself
    8 / 9 Look after yourself

    It’s often been said that you need to love yourself before you can love others and this starts with looking after yourself. Set aside some ‘me time’ often and do whatever you want with this time. Pick up a new hobby/skill or just tune yourself out from the world and get some inner peace. When you’re relaxed and happy, you’ll definitely be more fulfilled.

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  • Have better sex
    9 / 9 Have better sex

    We’re not trying to sound shallow here but having sex is good for your health and if you have a fulfilling sex life, it’s also beneficial for both your relationship and your life in general too. So make it a point to connect better with your man and do things in the bedroom (or elsewhere) with him that you’ve always wanted. Life is short so go forth and fool around with your man as often as you want.

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