7 Ways to Unwind After a Stressful Day

LIFESTYLE  |  February 17, 2017
  • 1. Meditate
    1 / 7 1. Meditate

    Photo: Diego Cervo/ www.123rf.com

    After a long day at work, meditating can help to clear your mind of your worries and give you a break from reality. Try starting out with basic breathing exercises. There are many phone apps available to help you kick-start your meditation journey too.

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  • 2. Practice Yoga
    2 / 7 2. Practice Yoga

    Photo: unsplash.com/ www.pexels.com

    Instead of trying out high-intensity workouts, do some yoga instead. Doing heart-pumping workouts while you’re stressed or angry can actually increase your risk of a heart attack. Switch to yoga to calm your nerves and relax.

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  • 3. Burn a scented candle
    3 / 7 3. Burn a scented candle

    Photo: unsplash.com/ www.pexels.com

    Find some alone time and dim the lights before lighting up a scented candle. Try a lavender scented candle for a more soothing effect.

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  • 4. Take a slow jog
    4 / 7 4. Take a slow jog

    Photo: skeeze/ www.pixabay.com

    Instead of sprinting, pace yourself and go slow. Jogging helps to clear your mind, and gives you the peace to clear your thoughts and worries.

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  • 5. Explore the outdoors
    5 / 7 5. Explore the outdoors

    Photo: Nina Uhlíková/ www.pexels.com

    Immerse yourself in nature! Admire the flora and fauna around you and maybe even take a hike. You could also take your furry pal to the nearby park for a walk.

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  • 6. Prepare your own meal
    6 / 7 6. Prepare your own meal

    Photo: unsplash.com/www.pexels.com

    After a long day at work, take your time to prepare a wholesome dinner for yourself. The food outside is usually salty and oily, and by cooking your own meal, you can control the amount of salt and oil going into your food. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after completion, and you can savour your own work afterwards.

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  • 7. Take a relaxing bath
    7 / 7 7. Take a relaxing bath

    Photo: Aveeno

    Take a hot long shower to get your blood circulating. You’ll step out of the shower feeling relaxed and ready to jump into bed! Ensure your skin stays moisturised and healthy after showers with Aveeno’s Body Daily Moisturizing Body Wash ($17.90, leading pharmacies).

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